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Oct 27, 2010 10:46 PM

Calgary Groupons: Anyone use them?

Hey Guys!

Just wondering if anyone has used the Groupons in the Calgary restaurant scene and if you find that it's worth it. For some reason I felt kinda skeptical about them- maybe it's because it's an online coupon- for some reason I never think online coupons would work. Could some of you guys share your experiences and let me know if it's worth giving them my e-mail address.


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  1. I get them but have only used one for the Organics Delivered service. First box comes tonight so we'll see about the quality. Ordering was super easy.

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    1. re: sharonanne

      We signed up and signed off - It sucks - If you want to eat freezer burned appetizers at restaurants that are in the death spiral, it works pretty good.

      The coupon you want is the one you never see, and if it did show up, it would be gone before you got it. i.e. Tasting menu at CAPO for 49 dollars

      1. re: Gobstopper

        There was one for District a few weeks ago so I don't think it's only restaurants in a "death spiral". I missed that one tho so I didn't get to buy/use it.

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          wrong. IME, most of the restaurants offered are new. e.g., we bought one for Famoso pizza recently.

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            Gobstopper I don't understand what you mean about something being gone before you got it. Did the restaurant change their menu? I think Groupon will give refunds if there is something wrong with the coupon.

            I've used about 3 Groupons in Edmonton so far with no problems.

          2. re: sharonanne

            Replying to myself? Sad.

            The box had a large bunch of kale, a small bunch of carrots, 3 avocados, 3 red onions, a bunch of celery, a head of leaf lettuce, 6 bananas, 5 apples and 4 oranges. According to the website this box would cost $48. It seems expensive for the quantity. There was one bruised banana and the top of the lettuce was a little wilted otherwise the produce was in good shape.

            There was nothing on the box to indicate that it was re-usable so we tore the label off and when I looked on the website it says the box is returnable.

            1. re: sharonanne

              I also was unimpressed with my box of veggies from the same offer. I was actually wondering if that was the normal amount/mix of fruit and vegetables. I was so excited to see the box but it was a huge disappointment to see what came in it. I got kiwis instead of onions, but it was pretty much the exact same set. Win some, lose some?

          3. I have a email address specifically for stuff like this. It works, and they have a good mix of stuff. They've had some good restaurants/shops and some lesser restaurants. The thing about these things is you have to watch yourself. It's a coupon. I try not to get it if it's not something I'd get anyway. Then they also push you to inform your friends (you get a direct cut if you refer somebody). Like most "deals", you can save a bunch as long as you're careful.

            We got one for Organics Delivered, Cafe Rosso and Saint Germain.

            1. I got one for Tango, but I haven't used it yet.

              1. Tommy Burger Bar, pretty good burgers. Also District, but wish they were open for lunch on weekends.

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                1. re: Scary Bill

                  ^^yea, we picked up some of the Tommy Burger Bar ones, too. While I prefer homemade ones, or e.g. rocky's, Tommy's does make a decent burger, especially considering that you get them for 50% off with the groupon. That means you're paying $6 for a burger and fries, which is cheaper than fast food. and their food is DEFINITELY superior to McDonalds or A&W.

                  IMO, the groupons can be an excellent deal. You just have to keep an eye on them, and only buy ones that jive with your taste. we've also had a chance to try out a few places that we otherwise wouldn't go to, because we don't think the food is worth the full price, e.g. Gaucho.

                2. I think they are worth it - not just for food. They had one for the Gap ($25 for a $50 gift card - off topic, I know). There are other ones too - and How can it be bad if you geat a great deal on something you like? I also bought (and have used) the Famosa groupon.