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Oct 27, 2010 09:43 PM

hung ry: excellent new noodle joint

finally tried this place. i must confess i have wanted to like this place from the start. good asian noodle soups with interesting quality ingredients - that is not in a filthy chinatown hole in the wall with ridiculous music and fluorescent light - what's not to like? outside of chinatown, this city has mediocre ramen, and acceptable ramen, and occasionally even good ramen... and then what? oh and soba too, right. but man, the japanese are not the only people who know how to cook good noodle.

thankfully it didn't disappoint. overall, it was an excellent meal!

we tried:
- frog legs appetizers: they were huge, like mini chicken wings. and very good texture, moist and meaty. good flavor with the salad. and it was only $5!
- rabbit rillete: also excellent.
- veal head terrine: amongst the apps i liked this the least - a bit too rich for me - but my friend liked it a lot. the accompanying broccoli and peanuts were nice too. the vinegar & sesame oil sauce was a good touch
- beef noddle: at this point we were worried that the main courses were gonna disappoint after the good apps. but thankfully they didn't! we had thick noodles for this one, which i like better than the thin one. i'm afraid i gotta say i didn't taste any difference with the organic flour which they used to make the noodle (the whole place has a sustainable / organic concept behind it too), but the noodle was excellent anyway. these are flour noodles, i.e. like the ones you have in shanghainese / northern chinese noodle soups. i.e. not japanese ramen noodles. these are easy to mess up and go soggy. they certainly didn't mess it up. and the broth is rich and complex, without being overly salty. it's a significantly richer broth than what you usually have in chinese noodle shops, almost approaching the richness of japanese ramen broth, but not as intense and salty. i think it's a nice balance over all. and the beef brisket tasted very earthy and real, with good fatty bits mixed with soft meaty bits. i.e. they aren't cardboard cuts. i liked dipping the meat into the house black bean sauce which i think has some flower pepper kick in it. and it came with a perfectly boiled egg too.
- duck noodle: this was the highlight. the broth was even better the the beef broth. this one definitely has szechuan flower pepper in it, but the whole thing wasn't spicy. you can add the house made chili sauce though if you need the heat. we had thin noodles with it for variation, but i liked the thick ones better.

they just got alcohol today, but they have a pretty good selection already, including a dark lager from Laos, some sake and wine. they say they're gonna have a full bar with cocktails and stuff soon.

the place itself has a good vibe too. while i care about the food too much more than whether they use recycled chairs or whatever, the whole place has a modern, tidy, and yet not obnoxiously hip feel to it. you can certainly take your date there. and you can watch the guy pulling the noodle from dough , which is quite fun. and at least for the moment, there's no long wait like Ippudo.

the noodle they serve is a different beast than japanese ramen, but they kind of hit the same spot for me. i guess i'll still go to Ippudo occasionally. but for the other places, like Momofuku Noodle Bar or Totto, i guess i can forget about them for now...

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

65 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Hung Ry
55 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

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  1. Agree on the broth, agree on the thick noodles--I'm kind of curious about the lobster version--has anyone tried it?

      1. After reading a long, positive review in New York magazine, we booked a table for 8 to celebrate a 20 year-old's birthday. I wouldn't want to trash someone's business, but our experience was underwhelming, at best. The service was horrendousm even though the small place was less than 1/4 filled when we were seated at 6:00. A 45+ minute wait for our appetizers, after needing to ask the "waiter" to take our order. No one asked if we wanted drinks, either. We summoned one of the hosts to take our drink order. The appetizers were very good. We squeezed into a small area, in groups of two, to watch the chef pull noodles, which was entertaining. The actual main courses were decent, though the noodle textures were not that pleasant. One dessert was offered. No one ever asked us if we wanted more beverages. No one asked us how our food was or if we needed anything. When it came time to pay, the "waiter" asked if he could deduct his tip from my change. I responded, "No, just please bring me all of the change." He brought me 41, one-dollar bills and 2 five dollar bills! Incredulous, I asked him if they had any fives, tens or twenties. He told me, "I'd have to go to the safe and look." I told him, "No, that will be okay." He then grabbed all the change and brought me back 2, twenty dollar bills, which he said he "took from his own wallet!"
        This place is definitely not worth re-visiting unless and until they get their act together and I won't be the one to give them a second chance.

        Hung Ry
        55 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

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        1. re: marcfood1

          oh. sad to hear this. sounds like your whole experience can be ruined by the server alone though. check out the other thread started by lau. they talked about how not serving the noodle right after it's being put into the soup can ruin the texture for you, which makes a lot of sense. i gather that the owner is a super nice guy, environmental friendly and into employee rights and all that (he's from Switzerland). so maybe he spoiled the servers a little. hope they get it fixed too. coz i really want to see this place do well. the whole concept and approach is very appealing.

        2. This is in the way of a salt alert. I have been here a few time and find the food quite full flavored but overly salted, at the Dead Sea level

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          1. re: wew

            that's funny my friend said the same thing. i didnt go with him. but when i went i didnt find it salty and i'm very salt sensitive. i've only been once though.

          2. Quite poor review in this week's New Yorker. I think this restaurant has the cutesy-est name ever, I detest it.

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            1. re: buttertart

              The food really is overhyped. It tastes like my mom's noodle soups or most chinese mom's for that matter - and not in a, I miss my mom's cooking and she's the best home cook ever kind of way. More of a, why am I paying for something I can get at home any time and chose not to in the first place? My friends and I were totally underwhelmed - definitely not worth the price and wait.

              1. re: sc207

                I was pretty underwhelmed by the noodles, but really liked the apps (calamari, monkfish liver and tongue especially). Service was spotty too.

              2. re: buttertart

                OMG, it took me a couple minutes to process why you thought the name was "cutesy" - like I said, OMG.

                1. re: uwsister

                  I had been trying to make it into something Vietnamese and wondering why when the cuisine was not. Overthinking again. It strikes me as cutesy AND a bit offensive because it's so selfconsciously "Oriental". It's like something out of the 1950's. Gaah.