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Global Champagne Day, Oct 28, What's in your Glass?

Global Champagne Day starts at 12:01am PDT on Thursday, October 28, less than 5 hours from now. I thought I'd start a thread here for folks to tell us about what Champagne they're toasting with and drinking.

More info here:

(And yes, I know, it should be Le Champagne. I have no connection to the organizers who put this online tasting together.)

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  1. Your first link doesn't seem to be working.

    La Champagne isn't necessarily incorrect:
    "Vive le champagne" = Long live Champagne, the sparkling wine"
    "Vive la Champagne" = Long live Champagne, the region"

    Never heard of GCD until now and, alas, I don't have any bubblies on hand. If the opportunity presents itself in the next 23 hours and 15 minutes (EDT) and I can make it to a wine store, I might pop the cork on a Drappier Brut Zéro Dosage NV, one of the few decent and relatively affordable Champers that Quebecers have access to.

    What about you?

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      Well, I was supposed to attend a sit down blind tasting of vintage grand Marques to celebrate the day. But it was cancelled because the Giants have a World Series game!

      Probably just as well since I tasted 68 of Terry Theise grower champagnes (of 87 on offer) a few hrs ago and my tongue's a little tender. Not as sore as German Riesling mouth but still needing time to recover. Not paid much attention to Aubry till now with two of my Favorites of the day from this producer. And Jean Milan's line up was a surprising let down, not terrible by any means, just not the stand out I expect.

    2. Never knew about GCD, but it sounds as good a reason as any to drink some bubbly! Going down to the cellar now to make sure it's properly chilled for this evening. Thinking either a Billecart-Salmon rose or Dom Ruinart blanc de blancs.

      1. I believe this was the first Global Champagne Day?

        I volunteered to be a host, so we started with my offering of Charles Heidsieck Brut NV. So delicious and eminently affordable in New Jersey. ;) Neighbors brought some Mumm red Label, Nicolas Feuillatte Rose, and some California sparklers.

        It was a VERY good idea for a Thursday evening in October.

        1. Would love a glass of Krug's 1990 or Krug's Clos de Mesnil 1995. However, don't think ithe date is an important enough occasion to open up such bottles!! May be when the Lakers 3 peat??!! Ha!

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            Well, turns out I was watching the Giants in game 2 of the World Series on Oct 28 at my friends' house. With the stunning victory, my friends pulled out NV Veuve Fourny 1er cru Grande Reserve Champagne, imported by Kermit Lynch. They'd had this bottle for a couple years, so it had the extra richness and roundness of bottle age going for it. This one had aged quite gracefully knitting together harmoniously with a creamy mousse and notes of spice cake and vanilla.

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              th Fourny is great stuff and very fairly priced

          2. had some Paul Bara rose

            1. Gaston Chiquet Fiacre!

              1. Hm-m, did not realize this, but then we have been in the air for the last few weeks, so probably missed the memo.

                Let's see, we had a Billecart-Salmon Extra-Brut 2004, and also a Tattinger Folies-de-la-Marquetterie, but cannot recall a vintage. Guess that we were involved, but without knowing so.


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                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Bill, it's OK. This thread is from LAST year...!
                  I'm sipping a Marques, cheers.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    Oops - missed THAT!!!! [Grin]

                    Guess that it wasn't so bad, after all...


                2. Just had a 1999 Philipponnat Clos de Goisses for lunch today. Really lovely. (Wish I could get my hands on the 1996. Sigh). Stupidly, I assumed the Italian restaurant where I brought the champagne would have flutes. They did not, so we had to drink the Philipponnat out of regular stems. Won't make that mistake again. In retrospect, it was a stupid assumption that a casual Italian restaurant that only serves Prosecco for bubbly would have champagne-style flutes. A saving grace is that I almost took a 1996 Salon to the restaurant -- as disappointed as I was to be drinking the 1999 Philipponnat in regular wine glasses, I would have been even more disappointed to have drunk the 2006 Salon that way. (In fact, if that happened, I might have said, forget the champagne and let's just order a bottle of Prosecco ).