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Oct 27, 2010 07:31 PM

QQ Noodle 2nd location now in Milpitas!

I found out there's a New 2nd location for QQ Noodle. At the Fremont restaurant I like: tomato egg noodle soup & beef noodle soup. My old post:

QQ Noodle:
416 Barber Ln
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 894-9171

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  1. Well, 3+ years after you gave us this heads up, I had my first QQ Noodle experience in Milpitas before Christmas. The restaurant is a few doors south of Ranch 99 and is cash only.

    From the noodle soup section, Mom ordered the Chicken and black mushroom soup in hot pot noodles, $6.95. A hot pot tureen contained some heavily MSG’d chicken soup with overcooked and bland pieces of hacked chicken with jagged bone fragments, underdone dried black mushrooms, and some scallions.

    The noodles and some blanched qing cai were served in a separate bowl to be combined at the table. The hand-pulled noodles were indeed gloriously QQ and chewy. But the weakness of the other components made this dish a flop.

    I had the biang biang noodles that “tammyh” reported on at the Cupertino branch. It’s in the dry noodle section of the menu and called Garlic sauce with pork noodle, $7.95. The toppings were unremarkable, some poached lettuce and stir-fried shreds of too salty seasoned pork.

    But underneath that ordinariness lurks these very wide and thickish noodles swimming in slightly piquant and oily browned garlic puree. The sauce was strongly pungent with the harshness of underripe garlic. The seasonings cling to the rough surface of the noodles beautifully. These may be the chewiest, most QQ, and bounciest noodles that I’ve ever put in my mouth. They’re not just toothsome --- I felt like my jaw was bounding off a trampoline with every bite.

    The toppings for the biang biang noodles were not great, but I felt they were good enough to make this dish worth ordering again. The ultra chewy noodles themselves in both cases are magnificent.