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Oct 27, 2010 04:25 PM

Where to buy duck fat and truffle salt in MSP?

Hiya, I've been googling like crazy, and I can't seem to find a specialty food store in the Twin Cities (St. Paul, specifically) where I can buy truffle salt and duck fat. Any suggestions?

Many thanks!

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  1. Maybe for the duck fat call Heartland

    Truffle salt, maybe Buon Giorno?


    1. Clanceys has frozen duck fat for sale. In the same freezer as lard and stocks, towards the frozen meat. I've had good luck with them. Who know's maybe they have truffle salt too, they have a few specialty items. Have you tried Great Ciao?

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        Don't know about the truffle salt. But my SO has bought duck fat at Clancy's a number of times for confit. I'm quite sure it was fresh. I would call them. I suspect they get it in on a regular schedule and you could get it fresh from them when it (the fat or the ducks) comes in.

      2. Annona Gourmet sells black truffle salt and lots of other specialty salts. It is in mpls but not far from roseville.

        1. Surdyk's probably has truffle salt. They have truffle butter. And pretty sure duck fat, come to think of it. Lund's, Byerly's and Kowalski's might have something for you as well.

          3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

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            Lunds Uptown has truffle salt - just saw it there last week on the cheese counter.

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              Heartand Deli does carry duck fat and other little specialties like high-fat butter from Hope, gláce, court bouillon etc.