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Oct 27, 2010 03:44 PM

Lunch around 22nd and Delancey?

I admit I am a suburbanite and not at all familiar with the city! I am starting a new client at 22nd and Delancey (22nd street between Pine and Spruce).

I am looking for lunchtime choices - both takeout and maybe eating in. Casual places preferred! Within walking distance please!

Also, side note - parking is horrible down there! Anyone every take the train into Suburban Station and walk to that vicinity. Looks like a hike on the map!!!!

Thanks all!

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  1. The walk from Suburban Station to 22nd and Delancey isn't as bad as you might think. I did it for many years when my parents lived there. You'll find plenty of places to eat on Chestnut and Walnut Street between 15th and 22nd. DiBruno brothers is on Chestnut somewhere between 17th and 19th (don't remember the exact block). A CH favorite, Vic Sushi, is on Sansom Street between 20th and 21st. Also, Suburban Station just under the Comcast Center now has quite a few very good food choices. You'll find Chinese, Thai, Mexican, on the numbered streets as you make your way, as well as Marathon Grill and more than a few Panera's/Cosi's/etc. Enjoy your walk!

    1. Plenty of lunch options in that area. Tourmama is on point (except that there are no Paneras in the city, I wish there were). There's other threads on this, but I work near there and some of the takeout places I like are Mama's Vegetarian (falafel, 20th btwn Market & Chestnut), Thai Singha House to Go (20th btwn Chestnut & Sansom), Dolce Carini (great pizza, Chestnut btwn 20th & 19th). Old Nelson Market (20th & Chestnut) is good for coffee and convenience store type items; they have a deli and make sandwiches but I haven't tried them. Further out but worth the trip is the new Philadelphia Chutney Co for dosa (Sansom btwn 16th & 17th).

      If you don't want to walk, you can pick up the trolley from Suburban Station and get off at 22nd St station (22nd & Market). The transfer requires a full fare, but if you are using a TrailPass to ride the train, that includes unlimited rides on city transit as well. So you can just swipe your pass at the turnstile or farebox. There are a few different trolley lines, but they all stop at 22nd St; just pull the cord after 19th St and the driver will stop for you. Similarly, all lines going back east stop at 15th St, where you can transfer back to Suburban. Service is very frequent during the day and rush hours.

      1. I live right here. Go to get coffee and breakfast at la colombe just north of rittenhouse if you're going to leave some time to walk from suburban. 30th street station is less of a hike for me, and I enjoy walking along the lake path, fyi.

        I take out from both of the thai spots on 22nd and 23rd- smile cafe & erawan. Like smile slightly better for curries, check them out for lunch specials. Mama Palmas is also nearby for good pizza/calzones if you get stuck doing a late lunch, and on 23rd at spruce there's a little cafe/sandwich shop that's good, bacchus. Tastebuds catering also makes a mean sammy, down on lombard.

        Good coffee on 22nd just north of lombard, but cash only. Hmmm...what else. I like to eat a lighter lunch but there's also great bibimbap on sansom at giwa, at 16th. New indian spot right near there that a friend of a freind owns is supposed to have amazing samosa, but have not tried myself. That's a hike. You're not impossibly far from el fuego, the burrito spot (on chestnut), or mix (also chestunt, at 21st), which makes a good slice for 3$. There's a lot in the area that's decent. Paesanos I think for sandwiches is also up on chestnut. El rey is also really awesome if you have fun coworkers and hit happy hour.

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          There's no Paisano's, you're probably thinking of Primo's at 21st & Chestnut. They do make really good hoagies and it's worth checking out. There's also Pagano's in Commerce Square for sandwiches and salads, but it's not any better than spots closer to OP. The Indian place you're thinking of must be Phila Chutney Co.

          Speaking of Korean, Miran on Chestnut near 21st is closer than Giwa. It's not amazing Korean but it's a solid lunch (have not tried their Bibambop).