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Oct 27, 2010 03:38 PM

Where to stay for good food in walking distance?

I'm looking for a recommendation for which neighborhood will put me within walking distance of good food/drinks/coffee.

My fiance and I are going to spend a couple of days checking out on my way home to NorCal. We love neighborhoods where you can walk to good local food, coffee shops, book stores and a general sidewalk culture.

Recommendations on neighborhoods or specific hotels? We'd rather not spend a fortune, but it doesn't have to been bare bones either. I'd say we could spend up to $125 a night, although under a hundred a night would be awesome. We will have a rental car to get around but prefer the shoe leather express.


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  1. I won't discuss hotels as this is a food site, and I don't wish to see my post deleted by the mods. If you want that info, go to

    The least touristy and most neighborhoody places are on the east side and on Nob Hill. The latter and NE Alberta/Killingsworth are great for walking and food, and you will find a couple of hotels.

    What kind of food and drink do you enjoy in particular?

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      The Park Lane and Inn at Northrup Station are near Nob Hill, the Park Lane is also not far from downtown and places like Powell's and Kenny and Zuke's Deli. The Ace is a great choice but not neighborhoody. And so many of the other downtown hotels run specials putting you in walking distance of most of the downtown, Pearl, Old Town, etc. But also not neighborhoody.

      And there are places like which specialize in neighborhoody stuff - lots of yummy stuff in SE near a lot of these places - and the studios seem to be in your price range.

    2. I'm a proponent of the east side, but for what you want the downtown area might be a little better. Clyde Common, Stumptown, and Kenny & Zuke's are in the same building as the Ace Hotel, and it's pretty convenient some other good restaurants, the downtown food carts for weekday lunches, and it's a walkable distance to really great coffee at Coffeehouse Northwest, Barista in the Pearl, or Spella.

      Clyde Common
      1014 SW Stark St, Portland, OR 97205

      4525 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97206

      Coffeehouse Northwest
      1951 W Burnside St, Portland, OR 97209

      1. Ace Hotel is a good bet. Close to downtown, NW, Pearl, and Old Town, and not far from buses and the Max to take you to the East Side if you want.

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        1. re: petebuick

          I just visited there with a friend. We actually stayed at the Northwest Hostel in a private room. It was about $80/night after taxes. Surprisingly, it was great. I am always a little leery of hostels now that I am in my mid 30s. However this one was great, quiet, clean, the age group was more around mine. We were not allowed to drink in the common areas after 10pm, which made it much quieter I think. The kitchen is well equipped. The room is basic (no TV etc), but it was a queen bed, 2 chairs, desk, dresser. No private baths, but there were 2.5 separate baths shared between the 4 or 5 private rooms, the banks of toilets and showers were all downstairs shared with the dorm rooms.

          The area was great, close to the bars and very close to 21 & 23rd avenues where all the restaurants and shops were. all walking distance.

          my only complaint was parking. Their lot is very small, we had to drive around the block a few times to find parking, usually ended up 1.5-2 blocks away, a worthy trade off though.

          Here is the website:

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            And you were across the street from World Cup Coffee, their main location, which also would not have been a bad choice for coffee...they also do cupping events, which can be fun...

        2. The Kennedy school in NE Portland is a hotel in walking distance to a whole bunch of good restaurants and coffee shops around Alberta/Killingsworth. It's a pretty cool building and the rooms should be in your price range.

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          1. re: porky pine

            Agreed, but don't eat at Kennedy School--the food is the same tired mishmash that they serve at all 50 McMenamins, with the added benefit that you usually have to wait an hour for a table.

            1. re: Nettie

              Amen, sister, sing it!!

              And there is much, much better beer (though not much better food, sad to say) at Concordia Alehouse nearby.

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                Though the soaking pool's nice. Not a lot of places to stay in the neighborhood though.

          2. Northrup Station in northwest PDX is great. You get a kitchenette so you can refrigerate your leftovers! It's on the MAX line or walkable to The Pearl, and they give you tickets for the Max. Also free parking, which is a big plus and savings. Check out their website and try tripadvisor etc for good rates, though they are reasonable at "full price".

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              Quick correction - actually, that place is on the streetcar line (and the 77 Montgomery Park-Troutdale bus), from which you can connect to MAX with about a 15-minute ride or so...