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Oct 27, 2010 02:55 PM

Office Brunch in NYC

My management has asked my wife to organize a nice Sunday brunch/lunch in NYC for a Sunday in December (instead of our annual dinner party - which in the past was done at Abigael's and Le Marais). My family are the only ones who keep kosher. Any suggestions for a nice, reasonably priced place to dine?

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  1. Darna has a great Sunday Brunch. Although it is fleischig it is alot of fun with a great buffet. It costs $17.95/p.p. The room is beautiful

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    1. re: jeffrosenbaum

      Thanks...nice enough to take some senior management to as well as familes?

      1. re: RalphCT

        It's not super-formal, white-tablecloth or anything like that, but it's attractive and atmospheric. I'd be fine with it.

        1. re: GilaB

          Great, thanks. My wife is organizing, so I'll ask her to give them a call. Thr group will be around 16 or so.

    2. Depends on what people are looking for. Le Marais does do a brunch for a flat $22 per person, including a soup/salad and a main course. They have both breakfast type and lunch type foods, but it is, of course, fleishig. If you're looking for milchigs, your best option might be My Most Favorite, though they're now at 72nd street. Their menu is a la carte, but all of the breakfast foods are reasonably priced and the fish entrees are the only thing over $20 for a single dish.

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        Thanks, Called Le Marais. Great menu, but oddly enough if you have over 10 people they limit you to a "private menu" where you can only select 5 of the choices to go on the menu. Thought about My Most Favorite...have not been there in years, but I think the group would prefer fleishig.