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Oct 27, 2010 02:25 PM

what places in paris can you prepay for shabbat meals?

I am unsure if this has been answered in another topic but I just want restaurants where you can prepay for shabbat meals.

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  1. There's a kosher Best Western in the 9th district, near Metro Cadet. (I didn't stay or eat there but the I met the owner and seemed like a nice guy). Also in the 9th is Les Ailes which I ate at Friday night. I had the couscous. Pretty good, but pricey.

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    1. re: elmoz

      The price was very modest, considering the quality of the food, which was wonderful. And an excellent wine is included. I described the food in another thread.

    2. Les Ailes.

      Wonderful food.

      34, rue Richer - 75009 Paris