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Oct 27, 2010 02:09 PM

Hong Kong American Food...

Just curious--in LA theres a bunch of places that we call "HK American" places that have the sweetened condensed milk in a jar on the tables and they serve dishes like chicken ala king or baked rice dishes and have soups like borscht...(a reddish tomato-y vegetable soup, not the russian beet version)

its not really what people think of when they think of "chinese american" but its like a modern HK cafe food that they have in HK and like Shanghai and you can order from a menu of endless boba tea and cold horlick tea choices...

any places like that here in Boston? i'm assuming they'd be in chinatown or allston (im hoping) hehe


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  1. Unfortunately, no.

    There are some boba places with some snack foods, such as the take-out only place in the Avana Lofts (I think it's called the Juice Bar)?

    In the basement of Avana Lofts, there's Cafe Lu Lu which has horlick and ovaltine. And they have breakfast items such as macaroni noodle in broth with ham.

    However, I don't know of any place in Boston that serves food dishes like the baked spaghetti or portugese chicken dishes. Long time ago, there used to be one at the corner of Beach & Tyler streets, where the Korean restaurant Suishaya is now.

    Does anyone remember what that HK restaurant is called? They had beef tongue with rice or spaghetti which I love!

    2 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

    1. I know exactly what you mean, but haven't gone looking for it. Funny you should mention it...I had a serious craving for some Portuguese chicken this weekend, googled and found a recipe and made it. Finished the meal off with a hot ovaltine with condensed milk. Really hit the spot. I hope you get some more leads.

      1. vinh sun bbq and great taste restaurant on beach street in chinatown have a few sai chaan dishes on the menu (pork chops, portuguese chicken, baked rice and spaghetti, etc)