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Oct 27, 2010 02:00 PM

Syracuse Picks and Pans

I always check Chowhound when traveling. I live in Syracuse and finally got around to checking out the posts for my hometown. I was what I found. Obviously tastes will vary, and I don't claim any particular expertise, but I want to offer my own views on the local restaurant scene.

If you have ever tasted a fine steak, you probably don't want to order one in Syracuse. The exceptions are Lemon Grass / 238 Bistro and L'Adour. Otherwise you will find a better steak at the local Price Chopper supermarket (but not Wegmans).

If you want good Italian food, there are several places in the Utica / Rome area. Back in the day, there were several fine places in Syracuse, but they are long gone.

The food critic for the local newspaper is, IMHO, an idiot. She likes Olive Garden, for example.

First, my favorites:

Lemon Grass / 238 Bistro -- Consistently excellent food. Heavy on Pacific Rim style dishes, but also excellent for steaks, duck, etc. If you are only having one dinner in the area, this is the place to go.

L'Adour -- French. Very good for bistro dishes. Best cheese plate in town for dessert.

Dinosaur BBQ -- Not the greatest BBQ, but a very friendly and fun place. The pulled pork is still smoked daily in house. The ribs and some of the other meats are par-boiled and cryovac'd by the supplier, then finished with a few hours smoking. Edible, but not really right. It gets crowded for both lunch and dinner. Later in the evening (Maybe 9:00 or so) the music starts. The crowds actually thin out, so it is easier to get a table then. The bar is very lively and friendly.

China Road -- Best chinese in the area, FWIW

Black Olive -- Very friendly mostly Greek dishes.

New Century -- Good Vietnamese

Steak & Sundae -- Typical Greek Diner food. Decent for what it is.

Aunt Josie's -- Nothing special red sauce Italian

Now the places to stay away from:


Kitty Hoynes


Scotch & Sirloin

Saratoga Steaks

Casa Di Copani



Arad Evans




China Road
2204 Brewerton Rd Ste 1, Syracuse, NY 13211

238 Bistro
238 W Jefferson St, Syracuse, NY 13202

Lemon Grass
238 W Jefferson St Stop 1, Syracuse, NY 13202

Steak & Sundae Restaurant
1830 Teall Ave, Syracuse, NY 13206

Casa Di Copani
3414 Burnet Ave, Syracuse, NY 13206

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  1. We like many of the places above, but we went to Delmonico's and had nice steaks there for a very reasonable price. It was on Erie Blvd, just west of Thompson Road.

    Also went to the Great Wall for Chinese food and found it very good. They seemed to cater to a Chinese crowd, which is the type of place that I like.


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    1. re: Fred19

      I'm not a fan of Delmonico's. They serve huge steaks, but quantity definitely exceeds the quality. I still think the steaks are consistently better at Price Chopper. Their primarily Italian fare looks better than it actually tastes.

    2. >> Lemon Grass / 238 Bistro -- Consistently excellent food. Heavy on Pacific Rim style dishes, but also excellent for steaks, duck, etc. If you are only having one dinner in the area, this is the place to go.

      Only if you can figure out where to park. We couldn't. We were on a cross-country trip a few days ago. I had looked at Lemon Grass's menu ( ) and was really looking forward to dining there. When we got there (in pouring rain), it was located on a circular street and the only visible parking in the area was on-street parking, all of which was full. We went around and around (literally) and then were forced to give up and got stuck with McDonald's. Maybe there is some other parking nearby, but it wasn't *that* nearby and we couldn't find it. Too bad for us, I guess.

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      1. re: nsxtasy

        There is underground parking directly beneath the restaurant off of Jefferson Street. The price is $3.00 all night. Sorry you missed it. BTW: I just remembered 238 Bistro is now called Bistro Elephant. Same owner/chef, he just likes to change the name and tweek the setup every few years. Definitely the best in town, IMHO