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Oct 27, 2010 01:49 PM

What's For Dinner? Part LVI

Well, we are already over 250 and I'm sure this will still reach around 300 with replies, but I am starting a new thread. Please share what will be on your table for dinner.

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  1. Chili made with cubes of chuck steak, an assortment of hot and sweet peppers from the freezer, my own chili powder, black beans and some little 'White Acre peas' I found at the grocery store. So far it tastes excruciatingly hot, so I made some rice to put it over. I'll throw some shredded cheddar and sour cream on top to calm it down some. DH loves it super spicy, so he won't need to dilute it like I do.
    Funny how stuff that literally makes the inside of my mouth burn in pain has no effect on Hubby, other than a great flavor.

    1. Made pan seared tilapia, roasted asparagus (beautiful pencil -thin stalks at the bargain price of $1.88/lb!) and a simple pasta for dinner last night and had 2 fish filets that I didn't cook, so thinking about panko-ing and pan frying them and making fish sandwiches with a side of yukon gold fries.

      1. Tonight, my friends, is meatloaf. I needed to make something that would have welcoming leftovers for tomorrow night. Tomorrow is my kids' Halloween Carnival. They get to go in costume to school, have a parade and then a carnival. And gorge themselves on candy & ice cream for 3+ hours. Then we get to take them home and try to feed them real food!! Every year they get a stomachache and are not into eating any lunch, gee I wonder why?? So, leftover meatloaf tomorrow will at least beckon them out of their sugar crazed stupor after crashing for a few hours. Then, they have Friday off of school. I'll be happy to make it to the weekend.

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          LOL! Good luck at the coaxing out of a sugar stupor!

        2. I'm making mujadara for the first time! I was inspired by another thread here about non-soup applications for lentils. I'm going to follow this recipe:

          (But I think I'm going to throw in some bacon too...)

          1. Dinner tonight was out - a last minute work and some fried stuff (raviolis, mozz sticks, and zucchini) with a darn good spicy marinara sauce for dipping.

            AND I settled on a place for our corporate Christmas party. Yay, me! :-)

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