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Oct 27, 2010 01:49 PM

Anybody ever been to the italian restaurant attached to the gas station on Kensington near crowchild?

I have driven by this place a few times, but cannot remember the name for the life of me. Anybody know what I am talking about and if it is any good?

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    La Viena? No but I've always been curious - someone needs to go & report back. :)

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    1. There has been at least one review here as I wrote an addition to it.

      Very old style (not in a good way) standard Italian restaurant but it was packed so people must like it. Too many items on the menu for it all to be fresh. We found it to be very kinda boring and haven't been back. I'll look for that thread.

      1. La Viena. I've heard terrible things.

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          I read wonderful things. Went there and thought terrible things. Told the friends that it was this little hole in the wall with great reviews. Embarassing. Sponsored by ragu.

        2. Stay far far away!!! It's the most ghetto place I've ever been to. They have a mural on one wall which includes a review it got years ago. And even that review wasn't flattering so I don't know why they'd paint it on a wall.

          Service was terrifying... The food was mediocre but there was a lot of it which explains this places popularity. A lot of obese people (and I have an obese friend who thinks it's a great place because of the huge portions).

          There are thousands of better places to eat.

          1. Agree with everyone. Not so good. I really can't understand who the people are that pack this place, but there are 100 better Italian restos in Calgary.

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              This place is so epic - I've gotten dragged there with work a few times.
              Cubed carrots and bell peppers sauteed in ... wait for it.... milk!
              The feature board should get plugged into twitter - updates would be like " #LaVienna "Cucumbers, jumbo shrimp and salsa in a famous cream sauce"