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Oct 27, 2010 12:51 PM

Tucker's Point/Restaurants November 12-15

I am spending a long weekend at TP 11/12-15 with my husband, brother and his wife for my 50th birthday. My husband wanted to arrange a private dinner at The Point but were told that it will be closed as of Nov. 1. Would it be worth the $$$ without the executive chef in house? My brother is quite the food snob (lovingly), so we need really good food.

I've seen Rustico, but Italian in Bermuda doesn't do it for me. Beau Rivage sounds better. Is it a long way from TP? I had wanted to stay in the hotel the entire weekend, but since we are arriving out of season, perhaps we will need to venture out. I just don't want to spend a lot of time--four of us jammed--in a cab!

Regardless, I would love one "fancy" dinner, so any suggestions would be fantastic! Thanks so much.

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  1. The Point closing in winter must be new - and I'm surprised they would only give guests the option of The Cafe for dinner. That said, Tom Moore's Tavern is about 10 minutes from TP :

    Beau Rivage is about 30-40 minutes away.

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    1. re: Athena

      Great, thanks! Yes, I was a little disappointed myself. But, whatchya gonna do? Cheers!

    2. Also surprised about the closing but business is slow. Tom Moore's is your best bet. Close, cosy, and the food is out thee with the best on the island. It offers a more traaditional menu and the owner/manager Bruno is the last of a vanishing breed of professional restaurateurs left on the island.

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      1. re: hungryhog

        This is perfect. Thanks so much. Now, I'm just counting the days!

      2. Well, in checking over my email, "The Point" is open, and it's the Beach Club which closes on Nov. 1. Thanks, now we have two nice restaurants to visit.

        We're thinking of going into Hamilton on Saturday for shopping and lunch. Suggestions for a nice, casual lunch in town, anyone?


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          On a good day the porch at Pickled Onion on Front Street is as good as anywhere. Sandwiches, wraps, burgers, salads. And a nice view. Have a great trip.

          1. re: hungryhog

            Recover from shopping at Harry's - sit outside have a mojito and try and choose which delicious things to have - salt and pepper shrimp, sweet potato fries, amazing hamburger...

            1. re: hungryhog

              i remember the Pickled Onion fondly. Have not yet been to Harry's. S&P Shrimp? SIgn me up! Thanks hungryhog and athena for the great suggestions. My belly is growling!

              1. re: RosyRosy

                Second Harry's but the steak sandwich is top notch but ask for the sweet potato fries dusted with cinammon and allspice or if you get regular fries, ask for extra crispy, otherwise they're not crispy at all.

                If you feel like something completely left field, The Plaza cafe in the little alley between Front and Reid Street where Iana Kids clothing store is located. They do the regular sandwiches and other stuff but it's the Beef Tapsilog which is really nice. Filipino dish of garlic fried rice, beef stir fry and then all topped with a fried egg served with a vinegar-ish sauce on the side. Apparently this is considered a breakfast type dish in the Phillipines and I thought it was really interesting and different and tasty.

                I'd recommend Tom Moores over Beau Rivage. The view is spectacular at Beau Rivage, overlooking the harbour but apparently the food is suffering a bit so I've heard from a friend. It's ok but nothing spectacular for the price being paid.

                1. re: bdachow

                  Thanks bdachow! It all sounds divine!

                  1. re: RosyRosy

                    Is that Walker Arcade bdachow?

                    Had lunch at Harry's yesterday - the raspberry mojito is dangerous - full of fresh mint and raspberries and so delicious. And I have half a steak sandwich for today :-)

                    1. re: Athena

                      I think so, the little passage between Sasch and Stefanel on the Reid Street side? Think it used to be called Bistro 12 or something like that.

                      Ah're making me hungry! I looooove that steak sandwich.

                        1. re: RosyRosy

                          I will third Tom Moores, it is very cosy, hope it is "cool" enough for the fireplace. I have always loved Tom Moores.

                          If you do venture out I would make a stop at Harry's for the cocktails and nibbles only, the food there is hit or miss. However have to agree they make mean Mojito and Martini's!

                          If you want to venture closer to Tuckers Point try Wahoo Grill in St. George's, it i right on the water for a wonderful long lazy afternoon of lunch / brunch

                          1. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                            I've not been impressed with dinner at Harry's but we've worked our way through everything on the lunch menu and aside from the fondue thing everything else is consistently chowalicious.

                            1. re: Athena

                              Don't generally eat off anything but the bar menu. Steak sandwich is delicious but last time I was there, the cheese was cut so thick, it hadn't melted at all, I ended up picking out the entire "block" of it. Oh well, 1 outta numerous times is not bad.

                              I've had some of the specials from the dining room in the bar area and they're usually pretty good.

                            2. re: bermudagourmetgoddess

                              Thanks so much for the info. Martini's are definitely on the list!