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Oct 27, 2010 12:40 PM


I'm visiting Sequim from Los Angeles this weekend and was wondering if there's anything worthwhile food-wise around. I've never been, but I understand its not the most exciting place and am not expecting much. I'll be flying into Seattle Friday night and spending 3 days in Sequim. Hopefully I'll be able to spend most of the day before my return flight in Seattle.

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  1. Highly recommend Alderwood Bistro, I wrote a short review on the Pacific NorthWest board after visiting recently.

    A couple of good bakeries, Bell Street, and my favorite Pan D'Amore.
    Port Townsend, about 40 minutes drive away, has an excellent Food Co-Op, Saturday Farmers Market, the main outlet of Pan D'Amore and a wider choice of restaurants. And excellent coffee and organic/local/healthy food options at Better Living Through Coffee.

    Food Co-Op
    414 Kearney St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

    Better Living Through Coffee
    100 Tyler St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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      If you do make it to the Alder Wood Bistro and like beer, check if they have any FATHOM & LEAGUE Hop Yard Brewery beers on. It's local craft brewer who grows his own hops and brews very small batches of excellent beer. One of his beers was recently featured in a Ray's Boathouse Brewer's dinner and was excellent - unfortunately, it's such a small production you can't get it outside of the sequim area. http://fathomandleaguebrewery.com/Hom...

      Ray's Boathouse Restaurant
      6049 Seaview Ave., Seattle, WA 98107

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        Port Townsend may have more restaurants than Sequim (although I’m not sure about this), but I don’t think any of them are particularly noteworthy. You can do okay at places like Silverwater Café, Fins, and Hanazono Asian Noodle, but I’m not aware of any “destination restaurants” in Port Townsend. I’ve had some nice meals at Dockside Grill in the John Wayne Marina in Sequim. The menu is a little pricey for food that is not terribly creative, but is usually carefully prepared and served in a pleasant, waterfront setting.

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          I think I might choose Alderwood (On w. Alder) over Silverwater Cafe (the best of those you suggested IMO). But Silverwater is a fine option should you find yourself PT way. You could also have dinner in Port Angeles (the town to the west of Sequim). I would suggest Michael's and Bella Italia (both are on First St. in the older downtown area to the West of Lincoln - one way St.). If you are very casual and looking for Pizza, I suggest Gordy's in Port Angeles. I cannot in any way recommend eating at Lake Crescent Lodge's restaurant out at Lake Crescent. That USED to be great, now it defies description (at least one charitable enough for the Christmas season).

      2. Port Angeles is closeby and I recently had much better results there. I had researched a bit, and the first night we had dinner at the Wildfire Grill. We liked it so much we went back every night.

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          Not especially in love with that place. Glad to hear of a reason to try again though.

          On that same Street (8th) is Sabai Thai. Very solid Thai can be found there.

        2. I know you've come and gone, but for future use, you MUST try Dockside Grill on Sequim Bay.
          It is on the lower level of the John Wayne Marina. Beautiful! We ate there last Saturday and started with a Dungeness Crab Gratinee as an appetizer, it was served with these crispy delicious pieces of bread. We knew then that we had found a total gem in this restaurant ! Then I had the Scallone, which is a steak made of scallops and Abalone. The sauce with it was AMAZING with wine and garlic and almonds, and I can't wait to have it again. My husband had a steak on the cedar plank and it was cooked perfectly, so tender. I had a Blue Hole martini and he had a Wild Goose martini named after John Wayne's yacht.
          We enjoyed a glass of the best Cab Franc ever. We finished with a most delicious chocolate bread pudding that had the most wonderful pistachio sauce! Needless to say, we had leftovers and enjoyed it all over again, yesterday. Try it if you are ever around Sequim and want to go to a beautiful waterfront restaurant. We are definitely going back!

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            Thanks for the good report. It sounds like the current menu is more innovative than the menu when I ate there some time ago, and that the food is still carefully prepared and delicious. Chocolate bread pudding with pistachio sauce ---- yum!

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              You should go for lunch. It is dark by 4 here during winter. If you go, be sure to walk up to the observation tower in the building for a more expansive view of the bay and marina.