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Oct 27, 2010 12:22 PM

New Vietnamese in El Cerrito, Nông Thôn

At the corner of Central previously Revolution 33. Big room with water buffalo and other Vietnamese touches. Large menu with many pictures. Bánh xèo, to go, $8. Large pancake would have preferred more filling but addition of pickled carrot and daikon with the lettuce and mint made a good lunch. Antony had dinner there yet?
Nông Thôn
10086 San Pablo Avenue, El Cerrito, CA

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    not yet.... thanks, banh xeo is something i am looking forwared to.

    1. got lunch today to go. Had the banh xeo, bo luc lac and rau muong xao. I'd never had morning glory shoots before, and they were delicious. Slightly bitter, a tad of a tanginess, in a warm broth, they had a loverly flowery sweetness to them. I'm so glad I got to try them - definitely something i'll be ordering again.

      The meat was incredibly tender and flavorful - maybe the best rendition i've had of this. I agree with you, wolfe, about the banh xeo - a little more filling would be nice, but the crepe was crispy and not one bit greasy.

      The decor is a mix of Vietnamese and what look to me to be leftovers from Revolution 33 - there are a couple of toy fire engines and a jeep on one of the wall ledges. The place is huge, and very pretty. There were approx. ten tables seated when i went at noon today. I can't wait to go back for dinner - work our way through that extensive menu - they have 7 courses of beef too!

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        1. We went on a Sunday eve and surprisingly the restaurant was almost full. They are definitely benefiting from the post movie crowd from the Rialto. We enjoyed the remodeled room, although it's still cavernous with high ceilings, reminiscent of the furniture store. There was a full page of vegetarian options from a colorful menu with pictures. The beef ball pho was large enough for one of my big eaters. We especially enjoyed the wrap it yourself rolls. It's a tray of the ingredients (basil, sprouts,vermicelli, your choice of meat), a generous supply of tapioca wrappers, and a bowl of boiled hot water. We softened our wrappers and made our own rolls.
          I cannot fairly judge the grilled pork bun as it was forgotten and left it sitting for at least ten minutes. Meat was cold and tough. Vermicelli was soggy. We skipped dessert as the waitstaff was overwhelmed.

          As we left another family I know was dining and we all agreed that Huong Tra (near Barrett) still continues to be our favorite. But because Huong Tra is closed Sun. evenings, we'll come back to Nong Thon. Prices are reasonable with different offerings and more drink and dessert options. They are still working out service and kitchen issues.

          BTW anyone try Heng Heng Pho in the Subway Sandwich stripmall near Stockton/San Pablo?
          Also, has Jac's moved into the former Tofu Yu location?

          Huong Tra
          12221 San Pablo Ave Ste 8, Richmond, CA 94805

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            Jac's has not moved yet.

            Tried Heng Heng -- very small location. Had pho - the broth was good but the noodles were a little thicker than all other places. Prices are very reasonable, I'd go back.