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Sweet v. Savory: What do Chowhounds prefer?

Most chowhounders that I know, including myself, seem to prefer savory rather then sweet. I have almost no sweet-tooth. In a restaurant, at the end of a meal, if I'm still hungry, I would rather try another bowl of soup, an additional appetizer or cheese before I'd even consider desert.

I'd eat a Philly soft pretzel over an ice cream cone anyday?

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  1. Savory, and it's not even close. Not that I have anything against sweet, mind you.

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      1. Savory, umami: that's the ticket, oh yes indeedy.

        1. Savory. I'm a meat and cheese guy!

          1. cheese course over dessert every day of the week and twice on sundays. i'm a savory through and through.

            i'd love a spaghetti sandwich with french fries on a bed of rice.

            1. as a kid, i never wanted to eat cake at birthday parties, that horrible frosting! didn't eat cookies, or candy, no chocolate... i wanted CHIPS. potato chips then and now are the sin of choice. savory all the way. if i like a dessert, it tends to have a sweet/salty thing going for it. when i go out to dinner with friends i'm outvoted every time. cheesey fatty salty foods are the best!

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                Cheesy fatty salty foods should be in a food group of their own. Like the "itos" food group: Doritos, Tostitos, Cheetos, Burritos..... oh wait. It would fit right into that group.

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                  Oh man that is a good observation. I can only add Fritos to the list, and Totinos just barely doesn't fit.

                  I was another kid who always wanted another entree instead of dessert.

              2. Sweet, since it's more reliable than savory. Unless the savory course is something rib-related, the dessert is my favorite part of the meal.

                1. I love savory . . .followed by a nice big serving of sweet!

                  1. Oh, savory, yeah, definitely savory. I would much prefer regular meal food to junk food.

                    1. It depends.

                      More often than not, I'll want to choose the cheese option on the dessert menu. That said, I am often disappointed a few restaurants seem to udnerstand the need for cheese to be served at room temperature and not straight out of the fridge. Increasingly, I find I'm just passing altogether on a final course.

                      1. Savory! I never eat dessert with a meal; it just doesn't feel right. I used to have quite the sweet tooth, but now I find most sweets too overbearing and...well, sweet. I stick with bread if I want something baked and slightly sweet.

                        1. The meal is just an excuse for desert :) I don't feel right if I don't get a good desert. Though I do find that desert portions are often ridiculously large.

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                                And generally too sweet. I like a nice dessert, not pure sugar. A good fruit tart is among my favorites.

                            1. My mouth is very sensitive to salty and acidic things and more than a small amount of salt for me is physically painful. I like sweet, preferably in the form of ice cream or chocolate.

                              1. Savory...but I would take and ice cream cone over a philly soft pretzel evertime (unless I hated the flavor of th ice cream which doesn't happen often).

                                1. Used to adore sweet--always went for a corner piece of cake. In the past few years, though, have gone to the other side: do not get between me and a plate of nachos!

                                  1. Put me in the savory camp. But I do like to influence my dining companions order so I can have a bite of sweet at the end of the meal. Something like "I'll have the eggs benedict, why don't you get the pancakes and we can share." Unfortunately, most of my friends are on to me.

                                    1. Savory. Perhaps this is due to my first real job being at the candy counter of Montgomery Wards. I couldn't abide the scent of chocolate for 20 years after that gig. Now I like it on occasion, but not that frequently.

                                      1. Sweet... absolutely no question about it.

                                          1. I have a horrible sweet tooth; I have to have something sweet but I don't want it after dinner...I want it at 2 a.m when I can't sleep..just give me a jar of Nutella & a spoon, please....

                                            1. I'd eat more sweets if the desserts in America weren't so horrifyingly saccharine. Luckily, at the end of a meal I can always come home where I usually have a few desserts I've made to my preference.

                                              1. Another vote for savory. Ever since I was a child I have always liked "food" more than cookies or candy.

                                                But that is not to say that I don't like a nice chocolate dessert at a restaurant. Oh, and when I eat sweets, it's most definitely has to be chocolate.

                                                1. Savoury, no contest. Overly sweet things nauseate me. I didn't especially like them even as a child. I do like some savoury foods with sweet undertones, especially some from Asian cuisines.

                                                  I HATE sweet beverages.

                                                    1. Savory ...with a little hot sauce on the side.

                                                      1. I have a wicked sweet tooth, but I don't like sweets near my meals, not even for dessert. Meals should be savory. And I'm typically too full at the end to enjoy a dessert so I almost never order it.

                                                        1. Savory, most definetly. If there were a sandwich on the table and a slice of cake, I would choose the sandwich without thinking twice.