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Oct 27, 2010 11:21 AM

Lobster Bake Law

Does anyone know what the regulations are for cooking on the beach in Maine - or how well they're enforced? I'd hoping to do a pit barbecue/lobster bake with friends and family and would hate to have it shut down by the Coast Guard... anything about location above/below mean high tide line, etc?

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  1. I'm not totally sure but I believe it would be a town to town thing. I've had lobster bakes on Peaks Island (Portland) and had to get approval from the fire department - approval was nothing more than saying you would like to have "a small cooking fire" (apparently that's a key phrase) below the high tide mark (theoretically the tide will take care of any embers, etc.). Thumbs up. No paper work, nothing. So I would check with the local town and definitely use the "small cooking fire" and "below high tide" phraseology. Good luck.

    1. It's less enforced the farther Downeast you go. Private property is not a problem. State and city parks are a fineable offense. If you are doing it in a drum or vessel of some sort (recommended) it's just a barbeque. If you are digging a hole and starting the fire early in the AM you might get away with it this late in the season

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        Downeast along the Mine Island Trail, lobster bakes are allowed on state owned island w/ a fire permit and on private islands w/ the the owneres permission. the wind jammers do it all the time and I do as well as a licensed Registered Maine Guide.
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