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Oct 27, 2010 11:12 AM

Dining out with a vegetarian

A group of friends and I have formed a sort of a dining club, where we get together monthly and visit a restaurant we haven't tried before for dinner. One of the members is vegetarian, and I'm not talking about the "flexitarian" who eats chicken or even seafood (although she does eat dairy and eggs). We take turns choosing places to visit, and I am beginning to feel that I am running out of options for places that can accommodate her.

So far we have been to:
- Il Bistro
- Dahlia Lounge
- Lola
- Joule
- Rover's (during Restaurant week)

We are planning to go to:
- Poppy
- Tango

We considered Crush and Le Pichet but it appears there is literally nothing on their menus for her, and I have looked online and ruled out a few others, as well. I know about Cafe Flora and Carmelita, and assume she can choose them when her turn comes. Meanwhile, I want to find places that will satisfy her as well as the omnivores in the group. (It seems that she does not mind having a limited number of choices from a menu, and we tend to share only first courses and desserts.)

Suggestions from my fellow chowhounds would be appreciated!

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  1. Well, that she eats dairy and eggs makes life much easier. Italian places typically have a vegetarian dish--pasta, pizza, risotto, for example. Tulio's does, I know. I have taken vegetarians to Senor Moose and Cafe Juanita. Copperleaf has at least one veg entree. Springhill in West Seattle is very good and it has vegetarian choices. Some chefs are happy to accommodate with something off menu if you call ahead first. Sazerac has vegetarian items. Have you all tried less expensive ethnic? Ethiopian places often have vegetarian fare, ditto Indian,and Mexican. Trellis in Kirkland is a nice place and has vegetarian options. There are a lot of choices out there! Chinese and Vietnamese places too often have vegetarian fare (although I do think that chicken stock may often be snuck in there, esp in Chinese places).

    Cafe Juanita
    Kirkland, WA, Kirkland, WA

    Senor Moose Cafe
    5242 Leary Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

    1100 5th Ave., Seattle, WA 98101

    Copperleaf Restaurant
    18525 36th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98188

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      Forgot to mention Kabul on 45th for ethnic vegetarian choices. It is a very pleasant place to eat--white tablecloths, etc. The appetizer menu at Panos, near Seattle Center, is filled with Greek vegetarian items and they love it if you make a meal of pita and appetizers. Tilth also often has vegetarian choices.

      1. re: PAO

        Luc, the brainchild of Rover's owner, also has vegetarian items.

        1. re: PAO

          Oh yes, thank you - I should add Luc to our list. We peeked in the window when we walked by on our way to Rover's and it looked like a fun place.

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          That's a good list of places for me to investigate. Mexican maybe not so much...

          I'm trying to come up with a good description of the type of places I'm looking for....I feel this is my opportunity to visit restaurants that pique my interest or that I've heard some "buzz" about when my pick rolls around. I am interested in choosing mid-range to slightly upscale modern fine dining places and places that are "must-try" dining for Seattle.

          Like I said, from looking at menus online I've had to rule out a few (seems like Ethan Stowell's places were among them) and would like to know where there are options that all of us might enjoy.

          1. re: voodoobec

            At Ethan's Staple and Fancy, you can give any dietary limitations when you order. You'd probably want to call and check, but presumably that would include vegetarians.

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              My husband's vegetarian, and we have pretty good luck at Mexican places, actually. Don't pass 'em by!

              1. re: rcallner

                I don't doubt that there is food suitable for vegetarians at Mexican restaurants. I'm just not aware of any Mexican places in the area that offer the type of upscale dining experience I'm seeking. If we were in Chicago, I'd be making reservations at one of Rick Bayless's places. But we're not.

                1. re: voodoobec

                  Of course, if anyone has a suggestion for a Mexican place of that caliber around Seattle, I would love to hear about it!

          2. What about Sutra in Wallingford? I haven't been there yet, but it sounds great.

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            1. re: akq

              I'll tell her about it; if she's interested I'll let it be her pick.

            2. Restaruants of the caliber of Crush and its ilk would make a veg entree even if there is not one on the menu. I think you could go almost anyplace in Seattle, although maybe a few dinners would be multiple starters rather than an entree. The one place i don't recommend for real vegetarians is Harvest Vine. Suggestions: Tilth, Zoe, Staple & Fancy, Wolf, Tavolata, Spinasse.

              Harvest Vine
              2701 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

              Seattle, WA, Seattle, WA

              2323 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

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              1. re: cocktailhour

                That helps! Thank you. I also like PAO's suggestion of calling ahead; it can't hurt to ask, I suppose.