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Oct 27, 2010 09:48 AM

Special occasion restaurant open on a Tuesday afternoon

I am looking for a nice restaurant that will serve 4-6 people on 11/23 starting around 2-2:30 to celebrate the completion of a dissertation. Unfortunately most restaurants are closed between lunch and dinner. We would like to relax, enjoy lunch (poss tasting menu) and a few drinks without feeling pressure to get out. It looks like most of the steakhouses are open all day..anywhere else??

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    1. Opentable is very handy if you want to get an idea of what's open on a certain day and time. I just entered that day, time, and 6 people and there are tons of places: Branzino, Buddakan, Chifa, the Fountain, Le Bec-Fin, Morimoto, Union Trust all have tables for 6 at 2pm that day.

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        I actually started by looking at opentable. I'd really like somewhere that isn't going to kick us out after lunch as we'd like to sit and drink for a few hours after lunch. I guess we may have to find a bar to head to after lunch.

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          You should look at the link I gave you.

          Parc, Supper, Village Whiskey, and Garces Trading Co are open all day. These are all nicer places.