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Oct 27, 2010 09:45 AM

Onigiri wrappers

Has anyone seen the onigiri wrappers that are prevalent in Japan that keep the nori separate from the rice until you are ready to eat it? The kind that are on convenience store or grocery store onigiri in Japan.

Last time I looked at Fujiya (maybe a year ago) they didn't carry it.


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  1. Do you mean nori wrapped in cellophane individually?

    If so, never even saw them in Japan sold separately from the onigiri itself.

    Small packages of 5 were available, but that was to wrap around rice for breakfast.

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    1. Maybe Daiso would have it? They have a nice selection of sushi boxes, green plastic sushi grass, etc.. I've purchased onigiri from H-Mart on Robson in the type of wrapper you're describing, so it must exist somewhere in the lower mainland

      1. why not try plastic wrap? or just keep it separate until you're ready to eat it...

        1. I'm surprised Fujiya doesn't carry it. I'm sure I've seen it there. It's shopping day for me - so I'll have a look.

          1. You can buy them from Hmart in Coquitlam or Assi Supermarket in Burnaby.