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Oct 27, 2010 09:43 AM

La Revolucion - New Mexican Restaurant in the Junction

Looks to be a new mexican restaurant opening in the Junction, La Revolucion. The website says the soft opening is on now - anyone been yet? Wouldn't we all love some really great mexican food in Toronto!

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  1. I believe the soft opening started yesterday. I went by during the Junction Arts Festival and they were selling just some small options pretty much out the front door. I had nachos and they were really tasty. I believe the owner is from Mexico herself.

    Fingers Crossed!

    1. Friends in the area spotted it but didn't recall the exact name and location. Pupusas threw me but looks promising. Thanks!

      1. I watched the Youtube video and it seemed to be alot about the decor, space, etc..but very limited information about the food, which seems pretty strange. Plus like Kagemusha said the focus on the Pupusas was odd. Either way hopeful that it may turn into an upgrade over the norm.

        1. I live in the same block as this place and have eagerly awaited their re-opening for 2 months now (was supposed to happen by the end of Sept. but timelines got pushed back due to a re-design)

          The food is serious, quality, and tasty. Properly made by people who know what they're doing. The place isn't "New" per-say, its just been re-branded from its former incarnation "El Rio Grande". Same staff/owners/cooks..... can't wait to hit it up this weekend.

          Also, the people are just NICE. I know thats a stupid thing to say when speaking of food, but nice staff make a nice environment, which for me always leads to a nice meal.

              1. re: aser

                WTF? And when I say "F", I mean "what the feta"?

                1. re: Googs

                  Ugh, feta? On Mexican food? And what's with the cheddar cheese, too?

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    Feta is sometimes suggested as a substitute when you can't get cotija. However, I'd rather have cheddar on my nachos, and not call them "tostaditos."

                    1. re: Wahooty

                      I can see that from a textural perspective, but it would need to be a pretty mild feta to compare from a taste perspective. And I would definitely take cheddar over feta any day on my buck a chip nachos.

                    2. re: TorontoJo

                      I haven't actually tried the place - I'll try the chilaquiles and tacos for sure - and it hasn't officially opened, so I think they're entitled to find their feet until they declare they're open, but: if they are actually going to use feta and sour cream, that's disappointing. Crema is easy enough to make and any Mexican restaurant that can't buy it should be making it. If a substitute has to be used, obviously crème fraiche is better than sour cream.

                      As for the cheese, I'd rather see a good North American substitute than a poor domestic rendition of a Mexican cheese. Frida sources a cotija from Mexican Mennonites in Quebec, so it's possible to find a decent Mexican style cheese, but if not, feta is definitely too overpowering for this purpose, with a few exceptions (Diana Kennedy does suggest it as a substitute in a few dishes). I don't really mind the use of jack, muenster, or cheddar, depending on the dish.

                      I am glad that chilaquiles are on the brunch menu - one of my favourite breakfast foods. I wish they had a choice of sauces for the chilaquiles, though. Mexican cuisine is a great breakfast and brunch cuisine and hopefully they will develop a more extensive menu that showcases this (Frida has done a good job of it). They could add some dishes that other places don't generally serve, e.g. papas chirrionas for "hash browns".

                      [Edited to add:]

                      The quesadilla appears more or less to be a "chicken fajita", Tex-Mex style:


                      The peppers are green and red bell, by the looks of them. It would be nice if they could use rajas de chile poblano or Anaheim at least. Both are available in Toronto.

                      On further inspection, most of the menu appears to be straight-up Tex-Mex, although there's nothing inherently wrong with good Tex-Mex.

                      Also, if you scroll down, it looks like they've burnt that chile on the griddle (which will make a bitter salsa!).

                      1. re: hari mirch

                        And for anyone who doesn't know, Frida and Mad Mexican are headed by the same chef/owner.