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Oct 27, 2010 07:55 AM

Restaurants open in Paris Dec 27 - 31, 2010 ??

I'll be in Paris for those dates and hadn't thought that many restaurant close for the Christmas period. Any thoughts on what will be open ?

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  1. The hotel restaurants and brasseries will be open; as to everything else, don't trust the guide books, call and book, and then call again that morning. Have fall-back options.

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      I eat here that week every year and find places that were open last year are closed this year. Usually around the end of November if I eat in a place I want to return to, they know their schedule but sometimes as Oakglen says, one has to call just before.

    2. Go to for some suggestions. La Coupole is open every day; it's probably the same for most of the others. There are certainly better restaurants in Paris, but the food is decent & the restaurants are good options. Bofinger and Coupole have completely different d├ęcors yet are both very Parisian...