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Oct 27, 2010 07:27 AM

Niko Soho


Has anyone tried this new sushi restaurant from the Yasuda alum?? I need a new sushi go to in the neighborhood!!


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  1. I too am dying to hear about this place, it should be tops!!! I heard they open on monday the 24???

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      I got excited, i thought it opened already. I'll check it out next week.

    2. I enjoyed the sushi at Niko tonite. Nice room, it's in the old Hanamura An which I loved. The fish was very fresh and well prepared. They have excellent kitchen dises as well. From the kitchen the octopus is great. The crispy whole shrimp was terrific, and the fresh made cold tofu is also very good.The staff is very friendly. The fish selection will increase in the weeks to come. They just opened and there are kinks to get out. That is always the case. I will not be too critical here, and I will definitely return. Hiro-san and Nobu-san are excellent and skilled sushi chefs. The sea eel and fresh water eel were excellent, as expected, as that was what Yasuda was famous for. I would like to see 2 less seats at the sushi bar, it is too tight and hard to get in and out without cooperation of other patrons. The "Gaigin..." beer on tap is really good. and the selection of drinks is also very good. Hopefully more desserts will be added in the weeks to come. I also suppose they will have more wait staff. I like the place, the people , and the food. I will return in a few weeks.