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Oct 27, 2010 06:48 AM

Verti Marte reopening status?

Hi - Does anyone have an update on Verti Marte's reopening? The last I heard they were hoping for Halloween weekend.

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  1. It would be a miracle if they pull off a Halloween opening, but then Marie Laveaux could do a little VooDoo and make it happen :-). Passed by today and they are still under construction inside. Outside is looking good with freshly painted shutters. Plywood over the openings is gone and that makes a big difference. Looking forward to whenever it gets opened again.

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    1. re: TaTee

      Thanks for the update! I really just need them to be open by 11/6... please oh please oh please.

      1. re: lunabug

        Will ask them for an ETA on Monday.

        1. re: TaTee

          Love the Verti Mart. Best Shrimp po-boy ever as the shrimp were big and hot and they slathered the sambo with mayo! great grilled chicken po boy as well. of course the broccoli with cheese sauce cannot be forgotten either! i always wanted to try one of their breatkfast sandwiches.......soon as they reopen that is what i am getting...after a shrimp poboy of course!

    2. It looks like they have all the old equipment out (the fire even melted the cash register shut!!) and they now have a banner outside saying "open soon." Since it's a banner with the logo of a national cola brand, I'm watching to see if they will reopen before the Vieux Carre Commission makes them take the banner down... Hope so!

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      1. re: rouxdauphine

        Stopped by on Wednesday. ETA is now Thanksgiving.

      2. The employees' reopening meeting was today 1/27 3-4pm. Reopening is Sat. 1/29 at 6 am. Inside is all new floor to ceiling. We may be bogged down at first with the new computers. Hopefully all will go well. Menu will be mostly same with the addition of some new specialty salads and couple of new sandwiches. jshephrd

        1. The green machine is running again. Just drove from florida for opening day. Got to have all that jazz. Kitchen is huge and shinning and they actually have more space for customers. The owner threw away the lock this morning and said" I will never close these doors again"

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          1. re: mronguy

            mronguy, you are a real fan of Verti Marte! How was the food? Will check it out tomorrow.

            Verti Marte
            1201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA

            1. re: TaTee

              I can't wait to be able to eat an All That Jazz again

              1. re: klebb

                Thrilled it is up and running again. Ordered lunch yesterday and then last night had friends over after dinner. Walked down to VM and brought back slices of decadent chocolate cake, fabulous bread pudding and a piece of pecan pie. All yummy! Bought a King Cake for this morning's breakfast.

                1. re: TaTee

                  I was so happy to see them open again and with a more extensive menu than I've seen in ten or more years. But they are still too busy getting affairs in order to give someone the time of day. I left there without the "All that Jazz" that I went there for. :(

                  1. re: dmike

                    They are a bit overwhelmed, I think. Should have waited another week to open when everything was installed, but then we would have had to do without them for one more week :-( By the way, at the moment it is CASH ONLY.

                    1. re: dmike

                      wat is 'all that jazz', anyway? a friend of mine ordered one on opening night when we were there for my whirlwind bday weekend. she asked the guy working there what was in it, and he said: i don't know, i'm about forty minutes into my first shift here ever, and she said, ok, i'll have one. hahahaha the opposite of a high maintenance foodie if i ever saw one! she loved it but never did learn the contents.

                      1. re: reina_de_fideo

                        I think it's shrimp, ham, turkey, cheese and jazz sauce; I'm usually a few deep or extremely hungover when I eat it so the ingredients may be a little off.

                        But the combination of the shrimp, cold cuts and sauce is mind boggling good

                        1. re: reina_de_fideo

                          From their menu:
                          'A medley of Grilled Ham, Turkey & Shrimp. Swiss & American Cheese accompanied by grilled mushrooms, tomatoes on grilled French Bread with our original "Wow Sauce"'
                          Nice to see this FQ staple open again!

                          1. re: Ben NOLA

                            Had " All that Jazz" for the first time last week. Odd combo of ingredients, but it works and is quite delicious...just too much to eat. Meal for two for $10.