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Oct 27, 2010 06:20 AM

Biscuits & Gravy in Milwaukee

Does anyone have a favorite spot for biscuits & gravy in Milwaukee (other than the Froedtert Hospital cafeteria)?

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  1. I've had them at Ted's and they were good, but they may have been a special. But truthfully, they've been a regular weekend breakfast item at our house as long as I can remember, always better at home!

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    1. re: KoolWhip

      Would that be Ted's on North Ave?

    2. Honey Pie in Bay View has a great biscuits & gravy on their brunch menu. Full disclosure: the "B&G" (as the restaurant calls it) also comes with a helping of two eggs.

      1. Haven't had biscuits and gravy at Hotch-a-do on North and Oakland, but the biscuits are very good. Gravy, per the menu, is mushroom.

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          I had occasion to have lunch at Hotch-a-do last Friday, and tried the biscuits & gravy. It was actually very good, even if it was just mushroom gravy. Really good strong mushroom flavour. But I am still seeking good old sausage gravy. It's out there somewhere.