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Oct 27, 2010 02:40 AM

Near Beaune on a Sunday Night, then a week in the Macon - suggestions?

Was hoping to return to Chez Guy in Gevrey-Chambertin but they will be closed Sundays through the winter... also loved La Cabotte in Nuits-Saint George, but they're closed Sundays as well..... am aiming for lunch Monday at Ma Cuisine, another favorite but not sure where to head Sunday... have been to Loiseau des Vignes, Le Gourmandin and La Ciboulette, and hoping to try something new - with tastes skewing toward the comforting and classic.

Any thoughts?

Next up is a week in the Macon. We'll day trip to Lyon and have several recent threads on this (thanks once again Houndies) but are curious about other Southern Burgundian gems.

Many thanks!

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  1. We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 day stay at Pouilly le Chatel in Denice in southern Beaujolais, maybe 30 minutes south of Macon and close enough to enjoy lovely day trips in the vines. Silvaine and Bruno Chevalier are delightful and urbane hosts who provide excellent lodging and superb evening table d'hote.

    1. I'd highy recommend Le Cep in Fleurie for a tres soigne version of traditional Beaujolais cuisine (and a fascinating wine list).

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        Definitely have Le Cep on our list. Was hoping to make it there last year but was snowed in for several days. RW Apple loved it, they say...

      2. Okay Gman - I've read your posts before and I know that you are very through and have done Burgundy up right, so this may not help, but the two that come to mind are:

        Le Cheval Noir
        Yum! - very popular with the locals and our friends who live there - excellent website
        17 blvd St Jacques


        L'Auberge Bourguignonne
        very basic, associated with the hotel/auberge, but very consistent and good traditional cuisine
        4 place Madeleine

        My favorite bistro, Le Comptoir Gaspard - 7 Place Monge across from the LCL( may be open Sunday dinner, but I'm not positive. Very good "home style" Burgundy cooking. Another we enjoy in nearby Ladoix is La Miotte, but can't remember if they're open on Sunday. Will check with my friend and repost.

        No Maconnaise recs, but will be looking for your report. :-) Have fun!

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          Neither Gaspard nor La Miotte are open on Sundays...shoot! Here is our friend's list of places that are open Sundays in the area and that are "worthwhile" (the first two I already mentioned):

          In Beaune:
          Cheval Noir
          Auberge Bourguignonne
          Le Benaton
          Bistro Bourguignon (The webiste says they're closed Sunday's, but if our friend says they're open she's probably right! This is a really fun wine bar/bistro on Place Monge. I'd recommend it highly.)
          Bistro de l’Hotel
          Deux Pieces Cuisine
          Le Gourmandin
          Pique Bœuf Grill (I've had bad experiences here, so wouldn't recommend myself.)

          In Levernois :
          Hostellerie Levernois
          La Garaudiere

          Hope this helps!

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            I had a nice meal at Relais de la Diligence - a few minutes drive south of Beaune. It's reasonably priced and it looks like it is open Sundays.

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              Bistro Bourguignon - not open on Sunday's anymore

              ICK, ICK, ICK - I hate it when restaurants turn from excellent to bottom drawer so quickly. I posted this not too long ago:
              "My favorite bistro, Le Comptoir Gaspard - 7 Place Monge across from the LCL( may be open Sunday dinner, but I'm not positive."
              Unfortunately, the place has changed hands and couldn't care a wit about service or food. Stay away!

              We did just have an excellent meal at Le Cheval Noir and I highly recommend it! I'll post a full report on our Burgundy trip soon. Thanks to posts on this board we even made a day trip over to Fromager Antony! Yum indeed.

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                Thanks for the update Da, we head there in a few days and are still not sure where we're going to head Sunday night in Beaune. Notes to follow as we find wifi!

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                  Oh the dreaded wifi hunt! We just went through a nightmare with this on our trip. The places we found were mostly hotel associated during meals (e.g. Oliver LeFlaive lunch). The bar Le Cercle in Beaune does have wifi for a fee, but it can get a little sketchy as to clientele. We know the man who owns Hotel de la Paix (also in Beaune) and so we went there a few times and had a bottle of wine and used the wifi.

                  If you find other good places for wifi and food/wine please post those too! Have a great trip!

                  Cheval Noir (mentioned above) is open on Sunday in Beaune.

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                    We ate a Cheval Noir & had some excellent carpacio with asparagus "ice cream" as a starter then I had a nice sea bream with fresh veg ravioli and my husband a lovely Bresse chicken (see attached pics).

          2. Thanks for all these and any others that come our way... full report on return, natch!