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Oct 27, 2010 12:10 AM

Cooking Courses in Paris

Hi... planning a trip to France next year, and my husband and I are looking forward to taking some cooking courses while we are there. Has anyone ever heard of this travel company:

They arrange culinary vacations, and also half day classes in various subjects. The proprieter's name is Corrine Preteur. We are considering the Alsace tour, and then 8 days in Paris, where we may take a pastry course, or a market tour/cooking class.

We are also looking at Cook'n with Class.

If you have any feedback on either, I would greatly appreciate it. My husband speaks no French, and I have a basic proficiency, but would not consider myself fluent by any means.



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  1. Can't say that I know anything about the travel company or cooking courses in france. However, I have seen these discussed occasionally, most recently in a trip report. Try searching the France board in the window above with the words "cooking lesson" or "cooking lessons." Not a lot out there, but something to start with. Then iof asking for more specificswill get some responses.

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      I highly recommend Cook'n with Class, especially if your husband doesn't speak French. The morning market visit/ cooking class was one of the highlights of our trip a few years ago. Chef Eric is great, and we still use the recipes we learned. It was relaxed, fun and informative. A big thumb's up!

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