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Oct 26, 2010 10:59 PM

Napa Valley

With Terra and French Laundry closed for Xmas, I opted for Redd where we now have reservations for xmas eve. Should I have gone with Medowood? I'm only asking because it recently got 3 Michelin stars. Most people seem to highly recommend Redd. Any thoughts?

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  1. I went back in March and it was great. Have reservations for Nov 19 (made before the 3 stars), will let you know. The atmospere is more subdued, but they definitely make you feel special. You can also check out an example of their fall menu on their website.

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      oh, one more thing... I would recommend the prix fix menu rather than the tasting menu unless you're a huge eater. The tasting menu is just way too much food. Meadowood doesn't get the buzz because it's a little bit out of the way, inside a resort and private club.

    2. I was at Meadowood not too long ago. It's a great resort but the restaurant is quiet, secluded and has very little atmosphere to me. The food was outstanding. I just thought I was at a funeral home. Even the bar was quiet and it was prime season. Go to Redd.

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        I, on the other hand, find the restaurant elegant, restrained and swanky, with soft lighting, plush booths and professional service. Amazing meal and experience.

        I suppose it depends on what you like. I find the food wonderful at Redd, but the interior, to me, is noisy, austere, and not as comfortable as I'd like. The front room is especially lacking.

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          It does depend on the atmosphere you are looking for.

          Maybe I'm just getting old, I like it that Meadowood is more quiet, and you can use your indoor voice to have a conversation. The seating is comfortable so you don't get a sore back at the end of dinner... ;)

          The staff address you as Mr & Mrs, gives you a wrap to keep you warm when you go to the facilities (you have to walk thru an outside walkway). I find the experience very genteel.

          BTW, the chef was recently on Iron Chef and won against Cat Cora in battle Oat Meal.

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            Hmmmm maybe I should find a way to have dinner at both places! =) Thanks for your replies!