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Oct 26, 2010 09:51 PM

Castello (Venice) Restaurants?

I will be at the Casa Santa Maria Formosa, Fondamenta Dei Preti Castello 5841. Does that help....thanks

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  1. Your place of stay is very centrally located. Venice proper is not big therefore, don't just look for places in Castello. You are near Cannaregio (lots of moderate places), San Marco, just a short walk across the Railto Bridge that gets you to San Polo, etc. The pleasure of Venice is walking. As others have mentioned on your other post, search this board as eating in Venice has been extensively covered on this site. Choose places that of interest to you in terms of budget, ambience, type of food, etc so the informed posters on this board can give you some good specific feedback. Otherwise, you will get lists and names that do not mean much.

    1. The original comment has been removed