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Oct 26, 2010 08:48 PM

ISO 5kg box of steel-cut oats @ Costco in GTA

While we were in Western Canada this summer, we dropped in a Costco in either Winnipeg or possibly Regina and found a huge 5kg box of steel-cut oats for around $6-ish. We were hoping to get more at home in the GTA, but it is not available at our local Costco (Warden/Ellesmere).

Has anyone spotted this at any of the other GTA Costcos?

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  1. Never seen steel cut oats at Costco. I was buying the PC branded blue menu one at Loblaws/ValueMart....I think it was around $2 or $2.50 for 2 kg.

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    1. re: LUV_TO_EAT

      If my local Costco sold steel-cut oats, I'd be on it immediately. But I've never seen it at the Wilson and Dufferin outlet that I frequent. Like LUV_TO_EAT, I make do with the PC Blue Menu version at my local Loblaw's, which is quite good - if you've got a half hour to spare in the morning to cook it. But I've never seen a two-kilo size there. The only size I see is 840 grams (less than a kilo) for $2.19. Still, a helluva lot better deal than the tin-canned McCann's Irish Oatmeal, the presumed gold standard for oatmeal (to which I was addicted until PC came along), which is often three and four times that price for a mere 793 grams. I've never been able to detect any difference in taste between McCann's and PC Blue Menu oatmeal. So I'll stick with PC - until Costco sees fit to put its rendition of oatmeal on the shelves.

      1. re: juno

        Are you saying Costco has the 840g size?

        1. re: neighborguy

          I keep checking Costco for steel cut oats as that's what I eat every morning but I have never seen them. I buy Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats which is available at a lot of health food stores and many grocery stores. It's about $4.75 for a 680g package. That's double the price of Loblaw's Blue Menu but I like the fact that it's organic and also Bob's Red Mill is extremely high quality (and it's not like it's a high percentage of my grocery bill).

          1. re: Flexitarian

            Was at the Burlington Costco today and they had large bags of the Quick Cook steel cut oats (sorry, not sure the quantity but this for $9.99 I believe. Not sure if we are accessible to you out here in the hinterlands but if we are, you are in luck!

          2. re: neighborguy

            No, the Costco I frequent doesn't carry steel-cut oats in any form whatever. The 840-gram version of PC Blue Menu steel-cut oats is only available at my Loblaw's - and its associated stores, I presume. And it's Blue Menu steel-cut oats that I'll stick with, unless and until Costco starts stocking steel-cut in its Ontario outlets as it does, according to the OP, in its Western stores. Sorry if I wasn't previously clear enough.

          3. re: juno

            The Billy Bishop has Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats QUICK COOKING for $10 for 3kg in a plastic bag. Same isle for instant oatmeal. Found it today.

        2. I get mine from Bulk Bark. I think it's in the realm of 18 - 22 cents per 100g. Which would make it more expensive than LUV_TO_EAT's find.

          1. I bought Bob's Organic Red Mill Steel Cuts today at Costco Etobicoke 3.17kg for $9.99. I like the Loblaws brand too and am a bit dismayed to that I missed reading "Quick Cooking" on the label ~ I thought Steel Cuts always take about 20 minutes but these instructions say 5-7 minutes <shrug>

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            1. re: PeteyChow

              I bought the same one but what's the problem with quick cooking? All that means is that the groats were sliced a bit finer but they still are not rolled and so maintain the same physical structure.

              1. re: Flexitarian

                Because speeding up cooking time changes the glycemic index and other health and nutrition aspects, (or so I have been led to believe). Personally, I also much prefer the taste of big slow oats and not really a fan of instant / 'quick' oats, but having said that these 'quick cooking' Bob's still look more like steel cuts than quick oats.
                I don't recognize RCSS in jays response, and I guess I may need to verify but I thought my Loblaws was charging considerably more, plus my PC Blue Menu doesn't say organic...
                Still have a day or three left of the PC Blue Menus before I open this huge Bob's bag and try it.

                1. re: PeteyChow

                  You have to luck out with Loblaws in your area. I find the same basic products in RCSS (Real Canadian Superstore), YIG (Your Independent Grocer), and No Frills. All are well run, but this is typical in small town S.W. Ontario.

                  YIG is priced higher than the other two. I don't have a top of line store like Queens Quay or Maple Leaf Gardens or Yonge and York Mills, but I know they have higher mark ups.

                  Let us know about your experience with the two steel cut products.

                  1. re: jayt90

                    Well Jay, I couldn't stand the suspense and finally tried the Bob's this morning ~ with fresh fruit, nuts a little maple syrup and mexican cinnamon
                    I have to say they are delicious! Also the cooking time isn't really all that different. Both brands cook quicker when the heat is high, so you have to pay attention not to burn them.
                    So generally I'd say I like them at least as well, probably better.
                    On the down side the "resealable" bag isn't. At least not for me, I guess I'm too citified to figure out how the folks at Red Mill wanted us to close this big bag up again because the ZipLock is only on one side. I'm glad I saved an empty PC Blue Menu cardboard tube to put the Red Mill 'quicker cooking' Steel Cut Outs but those McCann Tins do look a lot nicer.

                    1. re: PeteyChow

                      Just above the red line on the outside of the bag there's a perforated area that you can pull open

                      1. re: npam25

                        Yes! good explanation ~ thanks!
                        Got the hang of it now ~ practice makes perfect

              2. re: PeteyChow

                I picked up Bob's today. Pricewise, at Costco they are around $1.50/lb, whereas PC Steel Cut at RCSS are $2/lb but in a smaller and more convenient package.

                PC reccommend lengthy cooking, and Bob's stays with 7 minutes.

                The appearance is strikingly different: PC is regular in shape, and toasted in appaearance.
                Bob's is notably irregular, and lighter in color.

                It will be awhile before I open the Bob's oats, because I am completely satisfied with PC Steel Cut mixed 50% with Quaker Quick oats (the huge $8 box at Costco).
                This is so creamy and crunchy, nirvana at 7AM!

              3. Try plopping them in a slow cooker the night before. Small slow cooker sare available.

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                1. re: Danybear

                  My approach is to place 1/2 cup of the PC Blue Steel Cut oats, 1 1/2 cups boiling water and a hand full of raisins in a small thermos (found some that have a folding spoon in the cap) and head out the door. 1 1/2 to 2 hours later I have a yummy tasty breakfast waiting for me.

                2. warden costco has it now. 9.99 for big bag of organic steeeel cut