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ISO 5kg box of steel-cut oats @ Costco in GTA

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While we were in Western Canada this summer, we dropped in a Costco in either Winnipeg or possibly Regina and found a huge 5kg box of steel-cut oats for around $6-ish. We were hoping to get more at home in the GTA, but it is not available at our local Costco (Warden/Ellesmere).

Has anyone spotted this at any of the other GTA Costcos?

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  1. Never seen steel cut oats at Costco. I was buying the PC branded blue menu one at Loblaws/ValueMart....I think it was around $2 or $2.50 for 2 kg.

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      If my local Costco sold steel-cut oats, I'd be on it immediately. But I've never seen it at the Wilson and Dufferin outlet that I frequent. Like LUV_TO_EAT, I make do with the PC Blue Menu version at my local Loblaw's, which is quite good - if you've got a half hour to spare in the morning to cook it. But I've never seen a two-kilo size there. The only size I see is 840 grams (less than a kilo) for $2.19. Still, a helluva lot better deal than the tin-canned McCann's Irish Oatmeal, the presumed gold standard for oatmeal (to which I was addicted until PC came along), which is often three and four times that price for a mere 793 grams. I've never been able to detect any difference in taste between McCann's and PC Blue Menu oatmeal. So I'll stick with PC - until Costco sees fit to put its rendition of oatmeal on the shelves.

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        Are you saying Costco has the 840g size?

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          I keep checking Costco for steel cut oats as that's what I eat every morning but I have never seen them. I buy Bob's Red Mill Organic Steel Cut Oats which is available at a lot of health food stores and many grocery stores. It's about $4.75 for a 680g package. That's double the price of Loblaw's Blue Menu but I like the fact that it's organic and also Bob's Red Mill is extremely high quality (and it's not like it's a high percentage of my grocery bill).

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            No, the Costco I frequent doesn't carry steel-cut oats in any form whatever. The 840-gram version of PC Blue Menu steel-cut oats is only available at my Loblaw's - and its associated stores, I presume. And it's Blue Menu steel-cut oats that I'll stick with, unless and until Costco starts stocking steel-cut in its Ontario outlets as it does, according to the OP, in its Western stores. Sorry if I wasn't previously clear enough.

      2. I get mine from Bulk Bark. I think it's in the realm of 18 - 22 cents per 100g. Which would make it more expensive than LUV_TO_EAT's find.