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Oct 26, 2010 08:47 PM

December in Munich and Nuremberg

My family will be in Munich and Nuremberg. Besides the normal Munich fare, like the Hofbrauhaus, any suggestions on more refined dining. Any comments on which restaurant you prefer Tantris or Schuhbecks in den Sudtiroler Stuben? Are they worth it? Also where can we find the best weisswurst?
We are also going to Nuremberg. Where will we get the best Nuremberg sausages? Any suggestions on restaurants in Nuremberg?

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  1. In Munich:

    Der Pschorr for beer hall food that is prepared in the slow food style with care in sourcing quality ingredients and great beer served from the barrel.

    In Nuremberg:

    Restaurant Hutt'n - Small little beer bar specializing in Franconian Beers. Great little spot, helps to make a reservation. I find their food to be very very good, including their sausage plate. Also, the fried apple rings with vanilla ice cream for dessert are wonderful.

    If you tire of Bavarian food the pizza at L'Osteria is very good and super affordable:


    1. We had a lovely meal in Munich this June. It was at Brenner's which is in a very nice area downtown. They specialize in grilled fish and meat, and the dessert menu was huge. It's very buzzy and a huge room and busy bar area. They also serve a lot of pasta dishes. They're on the web and I'd definitely book a table ahead.

      My grandchildren wanted a 'German' meal, and we ate at the Rathskeller in the Town Hall basement. The food was not bad at all, and my British husband had his first sauerbraten. :-)

      1. I'm just back from Munich, where we spent the last week on our annual trip to the Mineralientage. No new finds, but continued good food, beer and service at Der Pschorr. I especially liked the veal goulash (they also offer a beef goulash which we haven't tried) and the beef rouladen, but be warned that the former is truly a copious amount of food! We strongly recommend skipping the Hofbrauhaus (at least for eats) and hanging out at this modern take on the traditional huge beer hall, where the food is generally very good as is the beer from the cask. They also have some excellent wines; I especially enjoyed the pinot blanc.

        Our absolutely best meals, however, were at Andechs am Dom which is just behind the Frauenkirche, not far from the Marienplatz. Wonderful venison specials last week, which will probably continue through the winter season, and their regular menu is equally good. We ate on the patio one evening and inside on Sunday night. Be advised that this is a smallish and extremely popular place -- if you don't want to hover for a seat outside, you may want to make a reservation unless you're there on Sunday evening (when early in the evening getting a place is generally not a problem). It's the best Helles in Munich too -- although a stronger one than normal.

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        1. re: Joan Kureczka

          Thanks for the great recommendations. We were going to eat at Der Pschorr. My daughter loves beef rouladen which is my grandmother's recipe and I really like veal stew. Andechs am Dom sounds great. We will make a reservation. Any suggestions on the venison and game specials? We will be in Munich mid December. Do we need to make a reservation for Der Pschorr? I am going to see if either restaurant has a website.
          I also want to thank Mcattrone for the Restaurant Hutt'n suggeston. I hope it is near the Chistkindl Markt. I also will try to find it on the web. Do I need to make a reservation a few days in advance since I will be there in mid-December?

          1. re: suzieq4

            Yes, you will want to make a reservation especially if it is more than one of you. If you aren't fluent in Germany just have your hotel call them. . It is a very small spot and just up the hill towards the university (i believe) from the xmas market. A perfect geographical option in my opinion.

            The beer selection is fantastic and be sure to sample the hazelnut schnapps at that time of year - i usually bring home 2-4 bottles.

            1. re: suzieq4

              No reservation needed at Der Pschorr -- the place is huge and even with a group of 6 we never had a problem to get a table. Also, a large portion of the staff there speaks English reasonably well. Although, perhaps during the Christmas market the crowds will be worse...

              Both Der Pschorr and Andechs am Dom have websites, although only the regular menu is posted on the Andechs site. Der Pschorr posts the daily specials as well, and has multiple language options.

          2. Oh, and favorite weisswurst is still at the Weisses-Brauhaus, available only before noon. Although I suspect any of the beer halls that has their own butcher shop will have very good weisswurst.

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            1. re: Joan Kureczka

              Thanks for all the ideas. We definately have to try the Weisses-Brauhaus before noon. My husband loves weisswurst. Is that also near Marienplatz or Seidlinger Tor? We are staying near Seidlinger Tor.

              1. re: suzieq4

                Weisse Brauhaus is on Tal Strasse just off the Marienplatz and a short walk from the Sendlinger Tor, and I agree is the best place to enjoy weisswurst and Schneider's excellent wheat beers.

                I agree with everything above about Andechs am Dom, I have spent 10 of the last 12 Christmas holidays parked on a bench under the heaters or inside when available enjoying their regional and seasonal menu with the excellent dopplebock (my personal favorite German beer). To sit inside is very difficult without a reservation especially upstairs. The basement is a little too close for me.

                If you must visit the Platzl area near the Hofbrau, I would suggest the Ayinger restaurant across the courtyard over Hofbrau. Much better food and beer from the Aying brewery just outside of Munich. (If you look around you'll see I have often recommended that people visit the village of Aying about 30 minutes away on the S bahn, where the food and beer can be enjoyed for less in a great environment at Liebhard's with a local village Christmas market all in one)

                Also near Sendlinger Tor is the Altes Hackerhaus, which offers a great goose special at holiday time accompanied by the beers of Hacker one of the Munich originals.

                If you want a formal holiday lunch in a two star I highly rcommend the restaurant at Alois Dallmayr again just off Marienplatz.

                For a formal dinner I actually prefer Koenigshof to both Tantris and Schubecks.

                1. re: Trip Klaus

                  Thanks for all your great suggestions. We are only staying in Munich for 4 days and then will be in Berlin for Christmas. Wish we had more time tio see and enjoy everything.

                2. re: suzieq4

                  Where are you staying near Sendlinger Tor? We've always stayed in that area as well and it is very convenient to Der Pschorr and Der Altes Hackerhaus.

                  1. re: Joan Kureczka

                    Hotel Kraft. What hotel did you stay at?

                    1. re: suzieq4

                      Hotel Carat and Apartments. We've also stayed at Hotel Exquisit near Sendlinger Tor, but it had gotten a bit too pricy.

                      1. re: Joan Kureczka

                        Here is my report on the restaurants we ate at in Munich and Nuremberg. We really had some great meals. Andechs on Dom was really busy but the person taking reservations told us to come back in 1/2 an hour. We hadn't been able to get a reservation because there were so many people entertaining groups before Christmas. We had winer schnitzel, roast duck and sucking pig. They also had alot game specialities and I missed that page - wish we could have gone back to try them. The apple fritter rings in Vanilla sauce were great. We also ate at Der Pschorr and enjoyed the rouladen, schnitzel and veal goulash. We also ate a late lunch the Weiss Brauhaus on ther day we arrived. . We found out it was too late for the weisswurst. The pretzels and beer were great but the weiner schnitzel and sauerbraten were not that good. The farmer's plate was okay.
                        We took your advice and just went to the Brauhaus for beer and pretzels -not a meal and it was lots of fun.
                        A real highlight was Hutt'n in Nuremberg. It was so non touristy. One of us had sauerkraut Meerrettich with his Nuremberger brats. This was the best sauerkraut I have ever eaten. It had something in it and I would love to get the recipe. I also had the apple rings or apple fritter dessert and I was in heaven. It was that good. We also had shots of the hazelnut liquor and brought a bottle home to remember our trip.
                        Thank you all for your recommendation.

                        1. re: suzieq4

                          SuzieQ4 - So glad you decided to check out Hutt'n. I ate there just last week and as always it was fantastic. Great beer, food and of course those apple rings. I ended up buying two bottles of the Hazelnuss Schnapps as well.

                          If you are ever in town again, I checked out Sushi Glass which was recommended in a separate thread and it lived up the reviewers hype. It is an Izikaya style Japanese restaurant. Really good when needing a break from German food. The sushi and yakitori style dishes were very well prepared.

                          1. re: mcattrone

                            Thanks so much for your reply. I will put Sushi Glass on my list for my next visit to Nuremberg. Hutt'n was a real treat.

                            1. re: mcattrone

                              I went on a day trip to Nürnberg yesterday. Lunch at Bratwursthäusle was a treat, with some especially good sauerkraut accompanying the brats.

                              Hutt'n looked great as I went by, but due to logistics I decided to have dinner at Zur Baumwolle on Adlerstrasse. I really enjoyed my Franconian sauerbraten with dumplings. The beer selection there isn't as varied as at Hutt'n, but I enjoyed my Zirndorfer helles. I was too full to try the apple fritter dessert.