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Oct 26, 2010 08:41 PM

Kids Cooking Tools

I've been on a quest to build a good cooking set (utensils, pans, prep equipment etc.) for my daughter. I know that I can always use regular sized kitchen kit, but I find that stuff her size usually brings an interest level and ownership that 'big' tools don't.

I've picked her up some pretty cool tools: small prep bowls, ladles, bamboo utensils, kids knives, etc but so far the vintage egg beater from eBay, Lodge 6.5-inch cast-iron skillet, Lincoln quarter sheet pan, and Chef'n strawberry huller have been the favorites.

Does anyone have any good ideas out there?

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  1. Hi there, smkit. I'm not sure if your kid will be doing much baking (or having contact with the oven), but I saw kid-sized oven mitts, rolling pins, and other items at Crate and Barrel. You might check it out!

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      I was actually just at C&B and found them to have a lot of good equipment at fairly good prices. I thought their non-slip small cutting board was really nice (which I bought) and I also got a 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) Oxo angled measuring cup instead of measuring spoons there.

      I'll have to look at their oven mitts. I already have a Sil-pin rolling pin, but I have yet to be comfortable with kids oven mitts. They seem too thin and I don't want to risk a really hot pan on a bad mitt. A hot pan drop can be a very 'good' lesson but also a very disappointing one. Also if cheap mitts get wet, they lose almost all heat resisting ability. A lot of adult mitts are bad these days too. I'll definitely check the mitts out.

    2. they make miniature silicone whisks and spatulas in assorted colors - those would be really cute for her. there's even an adorable egg whisk that's totally kid-appropriate.

      here's an example of the colored whisks:

      i've seen those and the spatulas at Sur la Table, and Bed Bath & Beyond has the spatulas as well.

      and here's the egg whisk along with some other cute tools:

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        Those whisks are interesting. I bought some very small whisks, but in the end the Oxo 8-inch turned out to be her favorite. The grippy balloon grip feels really good -- but I have been looking for a non-stick whisk and I think those Chef'n whisks would be a good addition.

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          i would have loved if someone had given me those little whisks & spatulas as a kid. i actually bought my mom the novelty egg whisk as a joke because she always puts her good whisk away in a different random place and i can never find it when i'm visiting and want to make of course now that little egg dude stays in the drawer, and when i visit them i always use it :)

      2. No personal experience, and don't know how safe it is, but I've always been intrigued by Misono's kid's knife.

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        1. re: will47

          I actually just got this knife last week. She has only used it once, but I am starting her out on other knives first. I have a kuhn rikon serrated dog knife and the curious chef nylon serrated knife. Once she gets used to these, I will move her onto the Misono.

          The only thing about the knife is that the rounded tip is so blunt that even though it is safer, kids try to cut with the rounded end and it just doesn't work.

        2. My daughter loved her kids sized chef apron. My son wore it but didn't love it. She recently was given a pretty one w/ an Indian design, batik idea that's perfect for a tween. The matching chef hats weren't big hits with either of them. We often used a tiny whisk--perfect for kid sized hands but also for whisking cups of drinks like hot chocolate. Also, not kid sized but they love this measuring cup because you can press out peanut butter and foods with that consistency: