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Oct 26, 2010 07:24 PM

Is it time to revisit Chu (Rockridge)?

Initial take was that it was fine, but not good enough to justify the price unless one really needed a full bar and an upscale room. And if one needed those, along with Asian cuisine, in Rockridge, there was no need for Chu unless Soi 4 was fully booked (granted this is a not unusual situation). I browsed the 2011 Bib Gourmand list...was a bit startled to find Chu, nestled among more likely candidates.

Has anyone been to Chu of late? Does the food finally live up to the room?

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  1. I've had food there a few times recently (as takeout, not in person) because some of my family really likes it: I was really pleasantly surprised by the food: the beef skewers were particularly good (which I just checked and found out aren't on the menu; I'd trust their treatment of meat from that, though).

    1. I had a nice happy hour here recently. Wine, cocktails and snacks all around $5. The ceviche, mussels, and tea smoked duck bao were all good. Hudson, down the block, was packed but this place was quite empty.