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Oct 26, 2010 07:10 PM

Le Creuset Skillet

I have a yellow Le Creuset Skillet that my dad gave me. It was his mothers. It has a wooden handle and is black on the inside. The research I have done online indicates that these pans are not raw cast iron inside, but are coated. However, it seems to me that it is pure cast iron inside. There is rust etc. on the inside. How should I go about restoring it for use? Is it just cast iron inside?

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    1. The modern Le Creuset skillets have black matte enamel coatings, so they look like bare cast iron. I cannot speak of the older Le Creuset. I believe a few people claim the older Le Creuset skillets have bare cast iron cooking surface.

      To remove minor rust, you can use Bar Keeper's Friend and a brush. After cleaning a few times, the rust should be removed. You can use Bar Keeper's Friend on bare and enameled cast iron surface.

      To remove tougher rust from a bare cast iron surface, you can use salt, oil and papertowel. Make sure it is bare cast iron or you may scratch the enameled surface. The salt will act as abrasive. The oil will act as lubricant without dissolving the salt. Change your papertowels when they start to fall apart. Clean the surface until your papertowel looks clear.

      Alternatively, a steel brush works pretty good. Again, make sure it is bare cast iron or you will scratch the enameled surface.

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        Hi please forgive me for butting this in here. I'm such a dummy I couldnt figure out how to start a new discussion. I have boughta second hand LC pan. I cant find a picture of it anywhere on google images or retailers sights of LC. IT is all red quite large ,has a partial wooden handle and a copper loop at the end of the handle. Also the grip on the pan for lifting is a rectangle shape with a groove under it. I havent seen this in any photos of Le Crueset pans I've seen. It has a number 29 on the bottom. with the logo. The lid comes up to a point and then a black knob. It was just black burnt on stuff in the center. I cleaned it with a brass scrubber and steel wool I got it clean. I hope I didnt damage it. Does anyone know anything about this pan?

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          Sorry, nothing to do with your question, but regarding how to start a new discussion, just click the "Add New Post" button above the list of topics.

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            Don't know about your pan, but steel wool should be avoided for enameled surface.

        2. Have you tried contacting LC to see what they have to say? Sometimes companies are very good at replacing old/worn out items.

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            That's exactly what I'd do. I have a 40+ year-old LC skillet that originally came with a wooden handle like the one on yours. They replaced the handle with one that's heat-resistant, and didn't charge me for it. They also replaced a very old French oven, at no cost, when it became discolored on the inside. They're a great company to deal with, and they really do stand behind their products.