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Oct 26, 2010 06:42 PM

Looking for Cheap Shabbos/Weekend Food

My cousin is getting married so six guys are taking him to a cabin outside of NYC for the weekend before the wedding. I was asked to research kosher take out/catering places in the New York area that can provide food from Friday night thru Sunday lunch that they just have to heat up and serve . The group has only about $400.00 to spend on food so they're looking for an inexpensive place in the New York area where they could tell the place what the budget is and the place could come up with a menu they could provide for the meals. The group is not looking for gourmet or upscale -- just reliably kosher, cheap, enough to feed seven guys for the weekend from Friday night thru Sunday afternoon. Is this realistic at all? If so, any suggestions?

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  1. glatt mart on ave M has $10 delivery to manhattan only wednesday nights though. you need to order on wednesday morning. the "shabbos special" is very cheap, check them out. (718) 338-4040

    1. I think they probably will need to do a little more work than that. You're talking $57/person for Fri Night, Sat Breakfast, Sat Lunch, Sat night, Sun Breakfast, and Sun Lunch.

      I think thats expecting too much, even if you skip breakfasts and Sat night you're talking 3 heavy meals for $57. You can probably do that, but not much more. They're probably better off buying cereal/milk for breakfasts, and maybe even buying frozen pizza for Saturday night. Then just buy a bunch of takeout dishes ala carte.

      1. Seriously, a bunch of guys and they aren't taking a big crockpot, meat, barley and kishke for a massive cholent? What's a mancation without the massive beer and beef cholent? For the prepared food: They should get a tray of fried or roasted chicken, big potato kugel and two more kugels, two rolls of gefilte, a pound of pastrami, corn beef and turkey roll, and herring/salads for Shalosh Seudos. For the he-man Cholent: frozen flanken (two packs), beans, potatoes, spices, beer, ketchup, kishke. For Saturday night: 2 boxes frozen NY Pizza for Sunday: fresh bagels (in freezer bags), cream cheese and lox for breakfast and more bagels and 2 or 3 pounds of tuna for lunch. Pick up some babka and other cake, don't forget the urn for coffee, the coffee itself and chips and salsa.

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          Oh, and maybe you can ask the future wifey to make the Challah. That should go over quite well.

        2. Perfect Pita in Fair Lawn is our go to and they give you a lot of food for the price. I would assume that they would be able to feed 6 on $400 for the weekend. Excluding breakfast (which could cereal, toast etc. anyway). I would think they could meet your budget with a rottisere chicken shabbat package for friday dinner (which would come with salads and rice, challah etc), they make a really good cholent they could heat up for sat lunch, and then get some shawarma wraps with salads for saturday night and sunday lunch. I think that would come in under $400. I don't work their though just a very loyal customer so don't quote me.