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Oct 26, 2010 06:35 PM

Best place to buy a fresh turkey in San Mateo/Burlingame area?

I am going to do a pre-Thanksgiving dinner on the Tuesday before T-day. I am working long days thru that Saturday, so I need to buy a fresh turkey, preferably brined, on Sunday. Any suggestions where to go? Draegars, Whole Foods, Safeway....does it really matter? All are convenient to me. Does Costco sell fresh turkeys? Do I have to order ahead of time?

I don't need a huge one, will probably have no more than 7 pp total including myself. My guests are all going to (or hosting) their own dinner on T-day and I don't need alot of left-overs. I'll be an empty-nester T-day morning when my son leaves for 8 months (hence the desire to have a turkey dinner for him).

I should add that I haven't cooked a turkey in at least 15 years or so, but think I can pull it off. I'll probably make everything except the pie. I hear Costco sells a good one.


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  1. I've had good results with the fresh kosher turkeys from Trader Joe's, which are already brined.

    Here's a therad re TJ's turkey from the Home Cooking board:

    1. If you give them advance notice, Draeger's will get you pretty much whatever you want even if they don't typically carry it. It certainly wouldn't hurt to ask!

      I do remember hounds reporting good results with the TJ's pre-brined turkey last year.

      1. Thanks for the TJ recs...I didn't think of them but will pursue that route. I'll call or stop by the large store in San Mateo this weekend.

        Happy T-day in advance :)

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          When I lived in San Mateo, I checked out the options at Dragers, Piazzas, Whole Foods, Trags, Lunardis, & Molly Stones, and decided on Molly Stones and bought my turkey from them every year. They seemed to have the best options in terms of price, availability of natural/organic birds, & different brands/sizes.

        2. Williams-Sonoma is selling pre-brined, hormone-free turkeys from Sonoma's Willie Bird Ranch. I haven't tried them and they are pricey but the birds are free range, which in general means more flavorful meat-- so if you're worried about making it taste good that give you a boost right there. :)
          Good luck!

          Willie Bird's Restaurant
          1150 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

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            I stopped at the Willie Bird Restaurant this past summer...stuck in the 70s faux tutor...excellent turkey, as good as any grandmothers. The lunch turkey plate was $12 bucks with everything. Subtle but a pile of food.