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Oct 26, 2010 05:58 PM

Detroit area stuffed burgers - Juicy Lucy?

I have seen a number of food shows with stuffed burgers in the style of "juicy lucy" in MSP. Has anyone seen such burgers in the Detroit area?

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  1. Found my first Juicy Lucy at the Union Woodshop in Clarkston today. Although I had the bbq today I am going back for the Juicy Lucy. First one I have found in the D.

    Anyone tried the Woodshop version?

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    1. re: goatgolfer

      Have not tried the Woodshop version. I've heard this place serves a Juicy Lucy, but I haven't tried them, either.

      Omega Grub Station
      332 S Telegraph Rd
      Pontiac, MI 48341
      (248) 681-5100

      Omega Grub Station
      332 S Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341

      1. re: jjspw

        Thanks jjpsw for the tip. I went to Omega Grub Station for lunch today. Cool place with a very local(cool) clientele. No Juicy Lucy on the menu.... Asked the server and she said it was on the old menu but no longer. With the pregnant pause she went back to the grill and .. poof.. the cook was a veteran and had made them in the past. Happy to make one for me.

        The ones I had seen before had thin patties with cheese stuffed inside and this was two 1/4 pound burgers with cheese inside but very well cooked and seasoned. First bite and the juice/cheese was all over the chin and plate. VERY nice!

        Had a terrific conversation with the counter patrons on local hidden gems for local food and a great version of the Juicy Lucy.

        Thanks for the pointer. At the moment, I am very full and quite satiated.

        Omega Grub Station
        332 S Telegraph Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341

        1. re: goatgolfer

          Wow, cool news! I was totally taking a stab in the dark with Omega, so I'm glad to see it worked out. If enough people order the juicy lucy, will they reinstate it on their menu?

          It sounds like it was a HUGE burger too! I agree with you that the ones I'd seen previously were really thin patties. Sounds tasty, I'm just afraid that when I go, the cook will be a n00b who doesn't remember the old menu. ;-)

          1. re: goatgolfer

            Thanks for the review, I've skipped this place for years as it simply looked like just another listless breakfast joint. I will have to check them out now.

            Might I suggest Walt's Coney Island as a good local coney to try? Les, the owner, makes chili fresh each hour so it doesn't get that nasty burned taste, and the place if full of cool nostalgia items.

            1. re: GrueLurks

              The local foodie at the counter next to me suggested several local gems and one of them was Walt's both for the the coneys and for the decor. No Juicy's to be found but still another local. He said it is on M59 west of Telegraph but I haven't been yet.

            2. re: goatgolfer

              I visited Omega today ... no Juicy Lucy for me. They knew what it was, simply told me
              that if its not on the menu, I cannot order it. So; I tried ordering their double cheese
              burger, just crimp the cheese inside, please. Unable.

              It went downhill from there. The sign on the window facing Telegraph says SLIDERS
              $.99. The menu says $1.50 each. The menu also lists a bag of 5 sliders for $5 as
              to-go only.

              I tried to order a bowl of chili and bag of 5 sliders. I learned that I couldn't get the chili
              to-go and that they wouldn't let me consume the bag of sliders in the restaurant with
              the chili. Okay, cancel the chili, cancel the pop. I waited for my bag of sliders, then left.

              The sliders were okay, not up to Telway, but okay.

              They could've made a few more bucks today, but declined my business. Amazing. No; it
              it didn't end like this:

              1. re: rainsux

                No chili to go? I can understand having specific specials for carryout only but that is plain weird.
                I still prefer the late and lamented Rocket Eddy's, which was in Keego..

        2. Just returned from lunch at the Union Woodshop in Clarkston. Happy to report that their Juicy Lucy is one fine burger and it's stuffed with American cheese.

          The server reminded me that they serve it "juicy" so that the cheese doesn't run out but the bark/crust on the burger was fantastic. Very beefy and gooey at the same time. The pickled onion relish is a good counterpoint and the roll is toasted just right. The burger is probably 1/3 lb and it comes with at least a pound of well done fries. So, I have finally got my craving fixed for $8.

          P.S. try the fried pickles for an appetizer. At $2.50 for four they are an interesting and tasty start.

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          1. re: goatgolfer

            goatgolfer- Since your post made me drool and since I was headed to metro Detroit the next day, I determined Union Woodshop would be dinner for the trip. Tried the Juicy Lucy (I was always intrigued by the talk on the MSP board). How could you go wrong with a burger stuffed with cheese?! Word of caution: watch that first bite, it'll get ya! Or, just as likely, the person sitting next to you... they don't call it juicy for nothing. :)
            I like that the pickled onion is the ONLY topping. It would have been perfectly enjoyable as is, but I couldn't resist adding some of their South Carolina sauce (mustard-based with a little kick). The 'Memphis mayo' that comes with the fries needed a little doctoring for my taste ( I thought it was surprisingly bland for a bbq mayo), so I gave that a little shot of the SC sauce and added more TN sauce to it as well. And, wow, that's a lot of fries. Good, but I couldn't eat even half of them!
            Oh, and thanks for the p.s. on the fried pickles. I love fried pickles and these are how I like them - spears, not chips. They were great, definitely worth $2.50, not too greasy, and the spears had a nice fresh crunch. The batter was a little thick in places, which made a couple of bites doughy, but it wasn't enough to deter me from finishing them.
            All in all, a satisfying meal with fresh ingredients and a reasonable price tag. Success!!

            1. re: tokyo

              I am off to the Northville Sports Den for lunch today. Another CHer recommended it as a likely Juicy Lucy stop.

          2. So, based on my current DTW research there are two restos with Juicy Lucy on the menu (Union Woodshop Clarkston) and (Northville Sports Den) and one with a sometimes cook that can make them if he's in the mood (Omega grub - Pontiac)

            I just returned from the Northville Sports Den and had a terrific Lucy in a really good burger, fried green beans and friendly service. The bar is in a small mall-ish thing on main street but super sports bar atmosphere. Lots of parking in the rear as it's on the lower level. Street parking was a bit tough in Northville. Not so busy at Tuesday lunch but very Cheers bar feel. The fried green bean app was recommended and was spicy good with a remoulade.

            The star was the Lucy. It literally exploded onto the plate and the crust/bark of the burger was outstanding. Good toasted bun but with all the juice it never stood a chance. Probably 1/3 lb total load and cheddar and american are the stuffed cheese choices. This cook knows how to make them and cook them (with about 15 different burgers, pizzas and traditionals on the menu) and too many draft beerrs to count.

            We went as novices on Tuesday but they have an all food 1/2 off special on Wed. - all day. How do they do that?

            As a Wisco boy there are two excellent things about the total package. Outstanding Juicy Lucy and Pabst draft $2 all day.

            I think I'm done with Juicy until after the GB victory on Sunday and will got back to Soup Dumplings for a while.

            1. resurrecting an old one. Cutter's bar on Orleans in Eastern Market is a true throw back bar. They are clearly waiting for the smoking ban to be lifted.

              But, they have an assortment of stuffed 8oz burgers including olives and blue cheese which was done to perfection. Great bun and friendly service. I was one of the few not drinking shots at lunch time. $8.50 for the burger and it takes 20 mins to cook and worth it.

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                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Jay's Stuffed Burgers in Plymouth has a whole menu dedicated to stuffed burgers.