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Oct 26, 2010 05:51 PM

Walla Walla

Would appreciate some suggestions for lunch and dinner in Walla Walla. Any price range...any cuisine. Going there in early November.

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  1. Hi Tripper,

    I spent a weekend in Walla Walla last November so this report is a year old. My husband and I had a very good dinner at Whitehouse Crawford. It was actually one of my best restaurant meals of the year, I had steak. We also had a very good lunch at T Maccarone's. Avoid Backstage Bistro at all cost, absolutely horrible.

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      We just returned from Walla Walla and had 3 outstanding dinners.
      Jimgermanbar in Waitsburg, 20 miles north of Walla Walla, was well the worth drive. The mixed drinks were exceptional and the food, all local, was terrific, as was the service.
      Saffron, in Walla Walla, was also exceptional -- interesting menu, great wine list and outstanding service. http://www.saffronmediterraneankitche...
      Bethwick's comments about Whitehouse Crawford are still accurate -- again, an interesting menu, great wine list, and knowledgeable, helpful server.
      We ate lunch twice at PhoSho, next door to Saffron. One of the daily specials, heirloom tomatoes at their peak of flavor over rice noodles, perfectly seasoned and dressed, was so good we had to go back for more.
      Jimgermanbar is small and quite a unique experience. Saffron, also quite small, has a lively, bistro-like atmosphere. WC is in a large room with a slightly more formal feeling.

      1. re: Grape Nut

        thank you for the wonderful suggestions and links...I think we will eat well in Walla Walla. One you have any other suggestions for our trip? Any wineries you enjoyed or other things to do. We are still trying to decide where to stay...

    2. Walla Walla's food scene just keeps getting better and better.
      Saffron is an intimate space with wonderful food, right now there's a strong Turkish influence on the menu. The owners pull inspiration from their travels and that brings a much needed international vibe to WW. I'd also suggest Brasserie Four on Main St. It can be a little loud on busy nights but the food is solid and wine selection/price can't be beat.

      1. Wuppemup Cafe is across the steet from Jimgermanbar and is southern comfort food very well done with a great atmosphere. And also in Waitsburg there is Laht Neppur Brewery...a total dive atmosphere but a great sampler tray of their brews are a super place to start.

        We do all three once or twice a year-a great progressive experience.

        As for Walla Walla... I love T.Maccarones for a nice meal in a super comfortable atmosphere-their other restaurant Olive on mainstreet is a great place for a quick bite or a comfortable place to warm up-as they have awesome leather couches both up and downstairs to sink into for a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine and a cheese plate.

        Graze on Colville is a great sandwich lunch stop too....

        And if you want Mexican ...go to Berney's Tacos on the east end of town for real authentic(read taco truck type) and afforable food....

        1. Moved to Walla Walla about 1.5 years ago from Los Angeles. It has been hard finding good restaurants. Eaten at Whitehouse Crawford a number of times. It has wonderful atmosphere but we haven't thought the food anything special. Tried Saffron twice. The first time was terrible. Every course had an over dominating starchy bread in it, including the dessert. We mentioned it to the waitress who didn't seem to care. Just to see if it was an unfortunate bad first experience, we went a second time. It was better but still not good enough to draw us back. Excellent meals at T. Maccarone. Jimgermanbar was total fun. It is more appetizer food but order enough of their great appetizers and you fill up. Drinks are wonderful. PhoSho is next to Saffron and is the better choice between the two. Only eaten at PhoSho once but it did some tasty things with fresh local produce that will take us back again. We had some creative, delicious meals at Pattit Creek in Dayton until the last one. We took company with us from out of town and we were embarrassed with the meal. It will take us a while before we go back, if ever. Tried almost every other restaurant once without much desire to go back. Here is our favorite place to eat for a quick meal. You can customize anything, avoid fatty/fried/bready foods that are epidemic in Walla Walla restaurants, and can eat there daily due to their pricing and great food: BERNEY'S TACOS.

          1. Thanks for the suggestions. We enjoyed T Maccaroni's...wonderful pasta. Whitehouse Crawford was also good...we sat at the bar, had burgers and onion straws (great). Breakfast buffet was included in our room rate so we ate at the hotel: Marcus Whitman. Very nice buffet with hot dishes, fruit, a variety of breads, and juice. Had lunch at the bakery near Whitman College. Great soup. Our first trip...loved the tasting rooms all over town as well as the vineyard visits.