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Oct 26, 2010 05:11 PM

Authentic "Homey" Restaurants in Paris (And Favorite Dishes)

My wife and I are heading to Paris next week. Staying in the Latin Quarter for three nights. Figure we will go to Le Cinq for lunch as our daughter and son-in-law did last year. Any suggestions for moderate-priced French restaurants and what to order in same?

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  1. When I saw this title I thought - finally someone asks us for something out of the ordinary - "homey" places, which I think are "moderate-priced French restaurants" but I only eat out for lunch, nevertheless, here goes:
    Les Papilles
    La Cerisaie
    Le Gaigne
    Chez Grenouille
    Petit Vatel
    As for what to order that depends on what you're in the mood for that evening, all have comprehensive menus, although Moustache is kinda fusiony.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Surely there is more to "homey" than the price. A "homey" place in 2010 is unlikely to have white tableclothes (few homes do these days, and it is not very relaxing to have spills, spots and crumbs blemish a white tablecloth) and the food should lean towards the generous and unfussy. And mood should be cosy and friendly, and , ideally, some of the diners should be regulars perhaps from the neighhbourhood. But that said I can't think of many that meet my criteria. Can anyone else? Maybe Astier in the 11th?

    2. Try LE FLORIMOND in the 7th....their stuffed cabbage is indeed homey & is their boudin noir

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        Went to Le Reminet last week and hope to go again before we leave Paris. About 2 blocks south of Notre Dame on a tiny street. Oysters, soup, main course, all excellent and very reasonably priced. White tablecloths but not stuffy. Very warm, personable hosts. Lunch "menu" was just 14 Euros...a steal. Last night ate at Les Papilles. South East of Luxembourg Gardens. One menu per night, served family style. 33Euros a person. Definitely homey but more casual than Le Reminet. Would highly recommend both.

        1. re: kbrote

          Reservations necessary for either?

      2. When I think "homey," I still think of "Le Languedoc," an inexpensive and cozy place in the outer 5th (64, Boul. de Port Royale). Because we've been (happily) diverted to so many other places by so many fine recs from this site, we've not been there for a few years -- but this still remains my favorite "simple neighborhood place." I especially crave the herring in olive oil with those great creamy potatoes (pot left at the table of course), and the skin-crispy confit de canard, which must be ordered for two, along with inexpensive white & red Gaillacs from the family vineyard. The Dubois family has run this place since 1975 — you will see (I hope, still) mother, father and son (always in a blue shirt) -- and more recently a daughter-in-law? It's a two-generation family -- what could be more "homey"? They are helped by a burgundy-vested waiter who looks like Sidney Greenstreet. At least I hope it's still this way; we'll return there in early/ mid-2011 . . . . (Tel.; Open 12:00 noon-2:30 (lunch), 7:00-10:30 (dinner), Note: Closed Tues. & Wed.) -- Jake

        1. When I think "homey,"
          I talked over with Colette what she thought were "homey" places and got the response that it would be ones like the Petit Marguery because they were so friendly; whereas I had named places that were small and Mom and Pop run or Mom and Pop like. As with the question about "romantic" places, we all seem to have different definitions.

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          1. re: John Talbott

            Homey is like romantic. Often posters use those words to describe a (dream) resto atmosphere on which they would like recs. It is concrete for them but not at all for anybody else. Homey means different things for different people. Ditto romantic. Example: John and Jak, both seasoned diners, describe a different concept of homey. Likewise, some people think Le Cinq with flowers everywhere is romantic. Others thinkd a bistro that looks like a bistro is romantic.
            Another abstract term that does not inform much is "moderate-price". It would greatly help us to help the posters if we are given an actual price range.

            1. re: Parigi

              "Homey" to me means "homelike". A place that you feel welcome and comfortable. Your suggestions are wonderful but, come on, John Talbot, how about some of your favorite dishes at these places? Ordering well or badly can make or break the experience.

              1. re: johnpressman

                "John Talbot, how about some of your favorite dishes at these places?"
                Except for Moustache where the chateaubriand is a clear standout, the other places pose difficult problems for me to pick out a "favorite dish." I truly order what seizes my attention at the moment.

          2. Hmm.. Homey to me is a "come as you are" place (provided you're dressed for Paris in the first place =:0 ), that consistently provides pleasantly served not awfully sophisticated but well prepared comfort food. Probably a place where you've been before and are recognized even if not as a regular.

            I think of Les Papilles (no choice of menu) and Machon d'Henri (agneau a 7 heures).

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            1. re: mangeur

              Even before reading your post I thought of Les Papilles and Le Bistrot d'Henri (not so much Le Mâchon but it still qualifies) as homey restaurants. Moissonnier when Mr. and Mrs. were still around was the epitome of homeyness.

              Astier cannot possibly be described as homey, unless home is a noisy place with bad cheese.

              (Can't figure out why there shouldn't be white tablecloths.)