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Oct 26, 2010 04:47 PM

Early breakfast in Ottawa

Headed to Ottawa and I need a reco for an early breakfast spot. I would have to be finished dining at 8:45am at the latest. Staying right near the market-whats good, and open?

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  1. hi There
    you definatley want to go to BAKER STREET CAFE in Westboro ( west end ottawa) 385 Richmond Rd. there is no other place to go for breakfast:-) it can get a little crowded and you may wait 5 -10 minutes for a seat but it WILL be well worth it. cheers

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    1. re: Cindy9

      It's not really near the market, though, and I doubt the OP wants to trek out to Westboro and back before 9 a.m.

    2. What about some croissant/pastries at The French Baker in the market? Its affiliated with Benny's bistro which I believe opens at 8am.


      1. Benny's is open at 8 am and it's in your area.(the website for the French Baker doesn't give hours!) Baker Street Cafe may be good (I've never been) but it is really is quite out of your way.

        Another option in the downtown core, but not in the Market, is Sconewitch at Albert and Lyon Street. They have wonderful scones as well as breakfast sandwiches (on scones) and it opens at 7 am on weekdays, 8 am on Saturday. It is a little bit out of your way - about 2-3 km - but I've never been disappointed.

        There's another one at 35 Beechwood that might be closer but I don't know the area so can't reccommend it.

        Baker Street Cafe
        385 Rd Richmond, Ottawa, ON K2A0E7, CA

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        1. re: ceebee1

          The Sconewitch is my favourite Ottawa breaky spot.

        2. Try Zak's Diner. It's a 50s themed place that is open 24 hours. 16 Byward.

          Won't be the most memorable breakfast of your life perhaps, but it's friendly and fun and you can't mess up waffles too badly...

          Byward Cafe
          55 Byward Market Sq, Ottawa, ON K1N9C3, CA