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Oct 26, 2010 03:27 PM

Ruby's BBQ & Italian Smokehouse - Asheville (Haw Creek)

Anybody know anything about this place? Never heard of them until I saw their ad in Mountain Xpress. They say they're in downtown Haw Creek - didn't know Haw Creek had a downtown.

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  1. Its my neighborhood bar. I emphasize "bar". I don't eat there, even though its really close to my house.

      1. Thanks to both for the heads up. In their ad, they called themselves an "Italian Smokehouse" but mention nothing like that on the website. Got me curious.

        Think I'll pass for now.

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          I tried it a few times for lunch several years ago (before we had decent BBQ in this town) and never saw anything remotely Italian about it. My curiosity is peaked, however, though not enough to go and find out.

        2. Yeah, you pretty much want to avoid the food at Ruby's. It's right in our neighborhood (just moved in a few months ago), so we were very excited to find a place that had BBQ, Italian food, pizza, sandwiches, and bar food all under one roof. We're not excited anymore. With the exception of one very good personal pizza (an aberration), the food has been anywhere from disappointing to downright awful (worst ribs I've ever had!). The place is huge, has a good local beer selection, and offers just about every bar game you could want, so it makes a good place for the occasional beer - just make sure you eat before you go.

          As far as the online menu not matching the actual menu, they say that they haven't uploaded the new menu yet. I'm guessing they went from being a straight BBQ place to being a BBQ and "Italian smokehouse" fairly recently.

          It's really a shame. The folks there are very nice, but the food is just really weak.

          1. This was a nice BBQ place until the went Italian. Of course the fact that it's 2 blocks from home helped, but I do like BBQ. They have week night specials. The sides all changed when they switch gears and they're not near as good as they were. Haven't been there lately.

            The 2 good places in Asheville are 12 Bones (with really weird hours but really great sides) and Louella's on Merrimon.