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Oct 26, 2010 02:42 PM

Non-grape wines in or near DC

Hi, everyone. I saw a thread on wines here and realized this might be a good place for this question.

I'm interested in exploring non-grape wines: you know, things like plum wines, raspberry wines, blueberry wines, etc. I find that the average wine store has maybe one or two bottles of one flavor (typically plum wines next to the sake), but that's about it, and the staff never knows much about these wines and is often fairly condescending to those asking about them.

Does anyone know any wine stores that might have a more extensive selection of these wines and a staff with some knowledge of them? I live in downtown DC and don't have a car, so something Metro accessible would be best, although I suspect I might not have a lot of options here.


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  1. That brings back the memory of Stone's Green Ginger wine, which I haven't had in years, but was fun to bring out now and then. Raisins and ginger (tastes more like ginger than raisins). And since I haven't been in a wine or liquor store other than Total Wine and Trader Joe's (where I haven't thought to look for it) I wonder if it's easy to find around here. I think I used to get it at Central Liquor about 40 years ago.

    1. A few months ago, I sampled some of these fruit wines at the Whole Foods in Clarendon. .

      1. Many of the Virginia wineries make non-grape wines -- peach, raspberry, etc. Total Beverage has a big VA wine section so they should have some of these. They won't be condescending, either.

        1. Linganore Winery is a Maryland winery that makes a lot of non-grape wines. I imagine some wine stores in DC carry their wine, or would order it for you.

          1. Russian Gourmet in Alexandria has pomegranate wines.

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              Not exactly close but I think I have to recommend the apple wine at crossing vineyards in Pennsylvania. They do mail order. The peach and wild berry are good but the apple is out of this world.