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Oct 26, 2010 02:39 PM

Food+Lab meatloaf sammy

I was stoked to see a new spot opening in my hood that uses local/organic ingredients for their sandwiches. I had read a decent review on a blog about the Austrian meatloaf sammy so I opted for one of those. Although it was a bit dry, I still enjoyed it. It came served on a grilled ciabatta with some carmelized onions and aioli. It was more like a patty melt than a meatloaf sandwich really. There are a ton of other sandwiches on the menu, so I'll likely be back to try more. Most noticeably they have a Cuban style sandwich which I'd love to try...

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  1. I see they have two locations; one in Silver Lake and one in West Hollywood. Which one did you go to?

    7253 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046

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    1. Gotta say, I've been avoiding it because of the all too studied, cutesy vibe it seems to be putting out but I caved yesterday.

      Had the chicken schnitzel sandwich that came with the tiniest side of potato salad I've ever seen in my life - maybe 2.5 fork fulls. The sandwich was minimalist as well - chicken pressed in a chiabata with some sort of fruit relish - no greens, tomatoes, onions or anything else - just meat on bread with a little spread. Small sandwich, microscopic side, big price (for what you get).

      While I have no issue paying for quality - the total including an Arnold Palmer was something like $15 - I do have an issue when the quantity/price ratio is way out of whack. Good food for people who aren't particularly hungry. Go to Dusty's a few doors down for lunch. Better choices, full service including your own insulated coffee carafe and bread and portions that are at least twice the size for roughly the same price.