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Oct 26, 2010 02:17 PM

Two new Chinese restaurants in Cupertino Village (Shanghainese and .... NorthEastern?)

The spot that was Hu Chiang Dumpling House is now replaced with a new restaurant that in English is just called "Shanghai Restaurant".

It bills itself as having Jiang Nan flavors and is open 7 days a week 11 am to 10 pm

Takeout menu shows the following interesting items (and the common popular ones)

xiao long bao is $5.95 for 6
steamed crab meat xlb is $7.50 for 6
Shen Jian Bao is $6.95 for 6
lion's head meatballs (big meat balls in clay pot) clay pot $9.95
Ti Pang ("Fat Extracted Pork Rump in Brown Sauce) - $16.95
Cured pork Zhen Jiang Style
Chicken in Wine Marinated Pot
Sizzling Eel (with yellow chive on cast iron sizzling plate)
Braised Fish Tail
Spare Rib Shanghai Style (sugar and vinegar)
Duck with Assorted Stuffing (advanced order - aka 8 treasures duck)

45 listings under "Shanghai dim sum" that include Ji Tsai wontons, pot stickers, shanghai egg rolls, noodle soups, rice dishes, sesame dumplings in rice wine soup, pancake with red bean paste filling.

The location previously occupied by Kingswood Teppanyaki which converted to a different teppanyaki restaurant prior or after (can't remember), then some combo Japanese restaurant that served ramen, is now a place called "Nutrition Restaurant", or "Century eating" rough translation.

Interior is clean and new and also open 7 days a week, 11 am to 10 pm. I'm not certain of what kind of regional Chinese this is, but it is mostly Northern with some North Eastern touches, several spicy dishes (a few hints of Sichuan).

Of interest on the menu

8 kinds of stewed claypot soups (with supposed healing properties) including shrimp and shredded turnip, chicken or black chicken soup, live tilapia with shredded turnip, sour napa with spareribs, at $19.99 per.

Most entrees otherwise hovering at $6.99 (lunch) or $7.99 (dinner), with the meats section alone being all over the map from Kung Pao to Cumin Seed meat to twice cooked and sweet & sour. There's the fried rice and chow mein section, a cold noodle section, and dessert including beer & sweet apple, yam with molasses (or taro or banana).

The "dim sum" section seems mildly interesting, with beef shao mai (northern style, as in "grilled wheat" per the Chinese characters), steamed corn dumpling with shredded turnip, winter melon steamed dumpling.

Chinese breakfast items from 11 am to 3 pm
sweet or savory soymilk
you tiao (Cruller)
white sesame cake (shao bing)
sticky rice roll

If anyone tries them, please report back.

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  1. The Shanghai restaurant is operated by the same couple who used to run the Shanghai restaurant at Central/ Rengstorff in Mountain View. Rumor was that the former location did not meet revenue expectation for the evening seating, so they closed it down in August and went to Cupertino village.

    I heard the dishes are similar. it costs more now. granted, the previous location was hole in the wall in a non-descript mall. may be the location at cupertino village is nicer?

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    1. re: ckshen

      Thanks ckshen. That explains the new joint "Bamboo Garden" at 108 N Rengstorff in Mountain View, which seems to offer Shanghainese and some NE stuff.

      1. re: K K

        Here's my report on the new Bamboo Garden in Mountain View.

        And Robert Lauriston reported on Shanghai in Cupertino.

    2. Wow--what happened to H. C. Dumpling? You had to fight your way in when they opened up back 4 years or so ago.

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      1. re: Chandavkl

        Why can't we get a decent xiao long bao in the bay area? This remains one of life's biggest mysteries.

        1. re: hong_kong_foodie

          Well legendary hound Gary Soup a.k.a. Xiao Yang was incensed when an article relating to San Gabriel Valley XLB used a picture of XLB he had taken at Shanghai Dumpling King on Balboa. I think he considered it an insult to the fare at Shanghai Dumpling King, which he describes as spectacular, though he admittedly hasn't tried the XLB in the SGV. However, given the amount of time Gary hangs out in Shanghai, I would take his high praise for Shanghai Dumpling King seriously.

          Shanghai Dumpling King
          3319 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121

          1. re: Chandavkl

            The xiao long bao at Shanghai Dumpling King is pretty bad, but I guess most people here don't know any better sigh.

            Shanghai Dumpling King
            3319 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121

            1. re: hong_kong_foodie

              I will have to agree. I don't understand why people hype up the XLBs at SDK. They are not very good.

          2. re: hong_kong_foodie

            I too remember when HC dumpling was great the first year, with the best item being the loofah and shrimp dumpling (so juicy and delicious). Then I recall hearing one of the dumpling chefs (rumor) left and went to this Taiwanese run Chinese place in Millbrae after Jumbo closed (which is now Zen Bistro, and Jumbo re-opened as Yummy World in San Mateo) and he was not able to reproduce the juicy shrimp and loofah (came out dry, then the same thing happened to HC).

            I'm assuming your XLB standard is Hong Kong, Taipei, and maybe even LA... Not that big of a mystery perhaps, I think part of it is the pork quality (that is an even bigger mystery in itself), the other is whether the chefs make a good 皮凍 (aka gelatin from cooking pork skin, with all the fat removed) and using that to make the juices of the pork mix come out (versus insertion of aspic or other kinds of gelatinized broth). The rest is skill, skin thickness/integrity after steaming, form and ratio (for Din Tai Fung, 18 pleats, 5 gram skin to about 18 grams meat filling from what I read).

            What do you personally think of Yank Sing's XLB, or Little Shanghai's version in San Mateo (where some Koi Palace staff were spotted lounging a few times by family)? I don't mean comparing it to your standards but just by themselves compared to the rest of the crop.

            However Shanghai Flavor Shop did an excellent shen jian bao (even bursting with soup juice), although to be fair I have not been in 2 years almost.

            1. re: K K

              Shanghai Flavor Shop still consistently produces carefully made shen jian bao -- tasty meat in a lot of juice, within a just-thick-enough dumpling. Always pan-fried to golden "crust." October 2010 tasting.

              Shanghai Flavor Shop
              888 Old San Francisco Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

              1. re: anyhow

                shanghai flavor shop sheng jian bao is still tasty every time i go (often times i show up just to get that) the meat flavor and awesome juice never changes, only slight variation i've seen from them is the amount of chopped onion on top and sometimes level of crusting, but it's still very consistent

          3. re: Chandavkl

            H. C. Dumpling appears to have found new residence in the I.S. Stew House (10271 Torre Ave
            Cupertino, CA 95014) near the Cupertino Library. The stew house still exists but its menu now also has dumpling offers.

          4. Do you know if the Northern breakfast items available are every day, or just on weekends?

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            1. Tried "Shanghai Restaurant" this evening for date night. HC Dumpling House sign is still up but there's a paper on the door that says "Pre-Open". The place was packed which was a good sign. We waited for about 15 minutes before we were seated. Service is still kind off. Maybe it's a cultural thing... but to order; to pay; to get anything, you'll have to flag down a server...and they didn't serve any water (even though we asked). We also noticed nobody else had water. They do have soda and hot tea. We ordered by number and was able to communicate through the minor language barrier.

              We tried the Crispy Fried Fish with Sea Moss - DELICIOUS! The pork belly with bean curd twists were also a hit! Also had an order of XLB. I like it better than HC's version - tasty and it was the perfect temperature. My BF loved the pork liver dish. Also, they didn't have the red vinegar XLB sauce, instead they had this garlicky sweet/soy vinegar concoction that was so delish!

              Can't wait to go back. They have a huge menu and I'd like to try their other dishes!

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              1. re: rosiella1

                went by the two new restaurants shanghai restaurant and nutrition
                nutrition was much more packed; thus went there
                had the spicy chili fish (spice prob. mild/medium) and yam with sugar
                very good, reminds me of guandong house and szechuan era nearby
                any connections among them?