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Oct 26, 2010 02:03 PM

Private cooking classes for a group of 10-12?

Hi, I'm trying to plan a b-day party for my husband--who is an amazing cook--and thought a hands-on cooking class for our friends on a Sat. night would be perfect. Hipcooks is booked on the night we want to do it. Any other ideas? Ideally, the place would let us bring wine. East side preferred but anywhere works if the classes are really good.


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  1. Alain Giraud will do a cooking class. Not sure if he has a venue, but he could probaby come up with something. (He do it at your house). Be a great BD present.

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      That WOULD be a great b-day present, but my kitchen fits 2 people comfortably, 3 people tops. So can't do a group class in my house, unfortunately. Appreciate the suggestion though.

      I am also open to doing a wine tasting dinner/cocktail party but have a 1 year old so prefer to have the party somewhere other than my house. If no cooking class ideas, anyone have thoughts on a venue? Could also do a private room at a restaurant, as long as they allow you to do something interesting, so it's not a straight dinner (i.e., wine pairing/instruction, etc.).

    2. I haven't been in a while, but Chez Cherie (who is a frequent poster on this site) offers private cooking parties. She is located in La Canada.

      1. This might only lightly cover what you're looking for but the Mangiare In Famiglia dinners at Mozza to Go are incredibly fun. You sit at a communal table that seats about 20 and the cooking is all done in the same room. It really feels like you are at a dinner party in someone's VERY nice kitchen.

        Saturday night is a pork feast. If you can switch to Sunday you'll get an actual class- pizza.

        1. Chef Eme at Ortolan will also work with you as a private class, and in his restaurant on W. 3rd.

          1. i'm wondering what Surfas would say if you called them... i don't know if they'd do something special for you... but it wouldn't hurt t ask!