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Oct 26, 2010 02:01 PM

Baltimore Noodles

I am looking for Asian style noodle dishes in Baltimore. i am not concerned with authentic preparations - just tasty ones. And hopefully, cheap ones. I am craving something like what I enjoyed so at David Chang's Momofuku Noodle Bar in NYC. To give you an idea what I mean, here are three preparations on his menu --
momofuku ramen – pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg
bibim gooksu – pork shoulder, soy egg, sesame
ginger scallion noodles – pickled shiitakes, cucumber, menma

II went to Suzie's Soba last week to try to meet this craving. No such luck. The appetizers of seaweed salad and Shu Mei were very pleasing, but the noodle dishes were sub par.

Any other suggestions?

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  1. There is no equivalent in Baltimore. That being said, I think that the noodle soups at Mekong Delta are phenomenal, and you can get some above par noodle soups at some of the Korean and Japanese places around town. I have had solid Japanese noodle soups at both Minato and Matsuri, and the Korean places around 20th-22nd and Maryland can offer up some good Korean varieties of noodles in broth.

    I recently had some kimchi ramen at Nina's (Calvert and Center) that was reasonably tasty if you are in the neighborhood. Would like to try some of their other Korean items.

    I have also had decent noodles at Sam's Kid in Fell's Point, but every time I was there there was some sort of conflict between customers and the proprietor, which makes for an awkward lunch.

    Curious about Sticky Rice also in Fell's Point - anyone been yet?

    Mekong Delta Cafe
    105 W Saratoga St, Baltimore, MD 21201

    1105 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Sticky Rice
    1224 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

    1. i'm going to mostly co-sign on what aubzamzam said, but I felt compelled to reply, since I've been in your exact predicament, after coming back from nyc and eating at momfuku noodle bar.

      as aubzamzam said, there really is no equivalent in baltimore -- that i've found, at least. however, i will say that mekong delta is hands down the best pho in town and can spark obsession. (i'm recovering.)

      nina's ramen is also a very nice pick-me-up; i work nearby and get ramen from there when i need a quick noodle fix. i would recommend the egg ramen.

      as for sticky rice ... i grew up in richmond, where sticky rice started, and i don't remember them being known for noodle soups ...

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        Well, there is a noodle section in their online menu, although upon closer inspection there are no soup noodles...I miss Golden Gate Noodle House in Towson for the Cantonese noodle soups...and I will toss out there that I had an adequate roast pork-wonton-noodle soup at Zhongshan a few months back...

      2. I wish to God someone would open a ramen house in Baltimore.

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        1. re: hon

          The Nabeyaki Udon at Matsuri is good, they have Ramen soup but I have never tried it for some reason

          1105 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

          1. re: hon

            amen!! i may have to check out chocolatea and matsuri, tho.

          2. Interesting-- I love Matsuri's sushi and eat it at least once a week, but I was underwhelmed by their noodles the one or two times I got them.

            1105 S Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21230

            1. #1 Pho off of Rt 40 is a close second to Mekong Delta.