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Oct 26, 2010 12:24 PM

Dallas, near Hotel Indigo, Downtown Historic District?

My son and I will be staying at the Hotel Indigo in Dallas (@Main and South Harwood) for 3 nights. I need some suggestions for meals while we are there. Ideally, a great take-away or casual breakfast spot, a high-end deli/sandwich/lunch spot (take-out would be nice, we'll be at the convention center each day), and three interesting dinner spots- two not overly fancy, and one for a special treat. Type of food is open with the exception of no Indian (he's not into that). Burgers, steaks, BBQ, tacos, noodle shops, asian, good pub food, CFS, chicken are all great. Not so interested in Italian, we're from New Jersey, so we are surrounded by good Italian, but I would consider it if the place was something special/unique. Thanks in advance for any insights that could make our visit memorable.

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  1. You aren't too far from the Farmer's Market so stopping by Pecan Lodge would be worth the time and effort considering you're from out of state. They're one of the very few good spots for BBQ around Dallas. BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn does an excellent job describing the 'cue, and I agree with his assessment. I'd come back for the brisket.

    Lunch: I think you'd like Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus

    Also check this thread: (just ignore the part about decent 'cue, that was before Pecan Lodge opened

    Lots of good dinner spots downtown as you'll see. You should try Tei An, which is well-regarded for their handmade soba noodles.

    Do you have a car? A trip to Oak Cliff (Bishop Arts) would expand your options.

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      No, we will not have a car, but a cab fare of ~$10 is no big deal for a decent meal. Pecan Lodge looks great, just hope the timing works out, dinner is out of the question, but late lunch lookspossible. Any suggestions for CFS, my son liked the version at Love and War in Grapevine, was that a good example?

      1. re: 10gallonhat

        Also keep in mind Pecan Lodge is open Thursday-Sunday. Would hate to have you show up there and walk out disappointed.

        The one from Love and War is all right. Look up Allgood Cafe in Deep Ellum for CFS. Should be no more than a 15-20 minute trip. Walk a couple blocks to St. Paul station, ride the Green Line to Baylor Medical station, and from there it should be another several blocks. There are more great places to eat around that area as well.

        Allgood Cafe
        2934 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

    2. If you have a chance to walk over to the Farmer's Market, Thursday through Sunday, check out Pecan Lodge BBQ. The best BBQ I’ve had in Dallas. Otherwise, try Dr. Bell's BBQ on Main, it's better than the other BBQ options downtown.

      For casual Tex-Mex, check out Sol Irlandes. Iron Cactus is not bad, best for drinks.

      There is a network of tunnels under downtown; there are some good lunch spots down there, including noodle and dumpling places, larger buildings will have access. Which Wich on Main St. has pretty good sandwiches for carry-out.

      There is a Cindi's Deli very close to the convention center. They have good breakfast with passable bagels.

      My favorite high-end lunch is the Dallas Fish Market. It’s upscale but not expensive at all.

      For an upscale dinner, I’d go to 560 or Stephan Pyle’s.

      Also, most people won't know what "historic district" means, just "downtown" will work.

      Iron Cactus
      1520 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

      Main St Cafe
      231 E Main St, Lewisville, TX 75057

      Stephan Pyles
      1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

      Dallas Fish Market
      1501 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201

      1. Agreed on Steven Pyles or 560 for dinner. I'd also suggest the bar at Dallas Fish Market for dinner on one of the more casual nights - they've got a separate bar menu that's much less expensive than the regular menu. You'll be just a block away from the Dallas Chop House - hardly the best steakhouse in Dallas, but pretty good and very convenient.

        For pub food, I'd suggest City Tavern on Main Street - the place is a dive but the food is surprising good (try the wing sandwich).

        The Nieman Marcus cafe is probably one of your best bets for lunch takeout.

        Dallas Fish Market
        1501 Main St., Dallas, TX 75201

        Dallas Chop House
        1717 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201

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        1. re: Sulan

          560 looks ideal. Any issue with underage (~15) hanging out with a few adults in the bar/snack area? Thanks so much for your input.

          1. re: 10gallonhat

            Doubt there'd be an issue with this since there is a parent (you) present. Also be aware you can't get in there wearing something like jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, it's more business casual.

            With regard to good pub food, nothing comes to mind within downtown, you'll have to leave the area. Since you said you're ok with the cab fare, hop on a cab to a gastropub like Meddlesome Moth or Common Table. Have a look at their menus before going as the two places have completely different approaches to food.

            Moth's site:
            would recommend: lamb kofta, sweetbreads, fish and chips, burger, sweet corn
            more info from my blog:

            Common Table's site:
            would recommend: chicken fried ribeye, baby back ribs

            You might also want to look at some higher end happy hours. Look specifically under the fancy feasting heading on this article.

            There's one I'd particularly recommend: The Joule is close to your hotel and their restaurant, Charlie Palmer at the Joule, runs an excellent charcuterie program. Would strongly suggest getting that platter, which is discounted during happy hour.

        2. My wife and I enjoyed a really great meal at Cafe San Miguel on Henderson this past weekend, that would be a short cab drive from downtown.

          I too like the CFS at Love and War but living in Plano I have only tried the one here, should be the same though.


          Cafe San Miguel
          1907 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

          1. We stayed at The Adolphus not too long ago and had two nice dinners at Iron Cactus which is a small local chain Mexican restaurant. It's about 3 blocks W of your hotel. It's nothing fancy but reasonable, clean and good food in large portions. The drinks were excellent. They were quite busy when we were there which is a good sign.

            Walt Garrison's Rodeo Bar and Grill was in the hotel but there's a side door on the E side on the corner of Commerce and Field. They served good CFS, Tex Mex, burgers, soups, salads, seafood and steaks at reasonable prices for lunch and dinner. It's an interesting joint and we enjoyed it. It's 4 blocks W of your hotel.

            Iron Cactus Grill and Margarita Bar @ 1520 Main Street, Dallas, TX 214 - 749 - 4766.

            Walt Garrison Rodeo Bar and Grill @ The Adolphus @ 1321 Commerce Street, Dallas, TX 214 - 742 - 8200.

            Iron Cactus
            1520 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201