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Oct 26, 2010 11:33 AM

Highlands, NC

I am going to Highlands for a long weekend next week. Any places I need to eat at? Been there before and found a lot of places over priced but guessing the cater to the people who can afford to live there for the summer. Not looking for fine dining but good food at a reasonable price.

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  1. Highland's has a lot of fine dining restaurants. Fresser's is nice and not as expensive. The sandwiches are great. The Rib Shack at Old Edward's Inn is not expensive and the BBQ is good. Buck's has cold drinks and sandwiches. Pescado's is good reasonable Mexican food. The Pizza Place is a good reasonable family restaurant. Oak St Cafe is fine dining open for lunch or dinner and lunch is reasonable. The sandwiches are outstanding.

    Fresser's Eatery @ 151 Helens Barn Avenue, Highlands, NC 828 - 526 - 4188.
    Rib Shack @ 461 Spring St., Highlands, NC 828 - 526 - 2626.
    Buck's Coffee Cafe @ 384 Main Street, Highlands, NC 828 - 526 - 0020.
    Pescado's @ 226 S 4th Street, Highlands, NC 828 - 526 - 9313.
    The Pizza Place @ 365 Main Street, Highlands, NC 828 - 526 - 5660.
    Oak St. Cafe @ 332 Main St., Highlands, NC 828 - 787 - 2200.

    I see you like Johnny's in NOLA. Go to Parkway the next chance you have.

    Parkway Bakery & Tavern @ 538 Hagan Ave., New Orleans, LA 504 - 482 - 3047.

    Also I see that you live close to Pittsboro, NC. Go to The Fearington House if you have a chance. It's a great small resort and the restaurant is outstanding.

    151 Helens Barn Ave, Highlands, NC 28741

    Rib Shack
    461 Spring St, Highlands, NC 28741

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      I was up there a few years ago and all I found was stuff I'd be served at a High End place in Atlanta. It was very depressing. The old HCC food was fine, if not spectacular but you went for weather and golf anyway.

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        I second Pescados. While i haven't been to the one in Highlands, the one in Brevard (these are the only two, I beleive) is a good solid cheap burrito/taco place. You instruct the guy behind the counter how to make your Subway, if Subway had any quality ingredients ;-)

        It's not a special outing, its not creative, but it's healthy and tasty. I always get the chicken/black bean burrito w/ fresh spinach (alternatvie to lettuce), quac, salsa and extra cilantro. And then I take half of it home.

        The only other place I know in Highlands is kind of the opposite of what you want: Paoletti's - overpriced but better-than-average-for-the-south Italian. Very nice service and i've had good luck w/ wine there, too.

        Please let us know what you find food -wise. And let me know if 30% of all parking spaces in Highlands are filled w/ Jaguars, or if a new favorite has appeared ;-)

        265 N Broad St, Brevard, NC 28712

        Paoletti's Restaurant
        440 Main St, Highlands, NC 28741

      2. Flipside has really good burgers and bar type food (Its at the corner of Dillard Rd and the main st.reet). They have a decent selection of draft beer as well. Rukas Table just up the street recently opened and I have heard good things. Mountain Fresh Market (a grocery store) actually has a really good grill located inside the store. Everything is overpriced in Highlands, so be prepared to spend a few bucks more for food . I second the recommendation of The Rib Shack. I hear theat Highlands Smokehouse has re-opened, but have yet to get by there. It was top-notch 'Q when it was open before.

        Rib Shack
        461 Spring St, Highlands, NC 28741

        1. I like the Orchard in nearby Cashiers...

          1. Back from my trip to Highlands where the roads in and out of town are enough to surpress your appetite. Got some snow while there not much but it was fun to watch come down on Friday afternoon. We ended up eating in most of the time but had a few meals out.
            BMW's and Lexuses made up most of the cars parked on the street with only 1 Jag.
            Friday lunch
            Pescados- we all enjoyed it, I had a chicken burrito, my friend had a beef burrito and our wives both had nachos (beef for one and chicken on the other)
            Friday dinner- Brick Oven Pizza
            snowing so on the way home got pizza- 2 pizzas both pretty good but nothing memorable and not sure if it was even a brick oven it wascooked in.
            Sat lunch- Carolina Smokehouse in cashiers
            pork was ok chopped instead of pulled, I gotboth sauces on the side and the hot was too hot to enjoy and the mild was wayyyyy too sweet. better eating it dry. My wife got the BBQ chicken plate and she liked the sweet sauce on hers, My friend got ribs that were ok but same isue with the sauce. His wife couldn't eat her BBQ because she got the mild sweet sauce on it. Good onion rings for an app, fries were ok but NO one ate their slaw. We there 8years ago and it was OK but went downhill since then.
            Sunday tried to stop in Asheville to eat lunch but no parking places followed Tunnel road to Black Mountain befoer we found a non Mexican non chain restuarant, ate at HT Papas which was OK, my wife had turkey and dressing, I had a meatball sub., not much on the menu to choose from and only 3 people trying to wait tables and cook at once with an after church type crowd filling the place up.

            Brick Oven Pizza
            423 N 4th St, Highlands, NC 28741

            Carolina Smokehouse
            US Highway 64 W, Cashiers, NC 28717

            265 N Broad St, Brevard, NC 28712

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            1. re: countgrog

              Next time you pass BM on Sunday go to Morning Glory for good comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner or Phil's for BBQ.

              Morning Glory Cafe @ 6 E Market St # A, Black Mountain, NC 828 - 669 - 6212.
              Phil's BBQ Pit @ 701 NC Highway 9, Black Mountain, NC 828 - 669 - 3606.

              Morning Glory Cafe
              6 E Market St Ste A, Black Mountain, NC 28711

              1. re: countgrog

                Sorry you did not get to enjoy Sunday lunch/brunch in Asheville. There are three large, centrally-located parking garages that are rarely full on Sundays. The Laughing Seed is our favorite place for Sunday brunch. Try it next time you're in town!

                Laughing Seed Cafe
                40 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801

              2. I surfed up this old-ish thread to provide a warning: The Wine Garden at Old Edwards Inn is absolutely beautiful. It's a great setting for brunch/lunch on a perfect Memorial Day. They have a nice selection of wine and cocktails and I had a very nice salad.

                STOP THERE - The food was otherwise horrendous and our service was awful, too, although it appeared that tables nearby with a different server were doing better. After the sandwich I wanted which was described as a "flatbread" turned out to be a wrap, I switched my order to the day's "special", touted to be a pizza with "beautiful pieces of tenderloin", lots of veggies, on a "cauliflower-goat cheese spread". I asked the waitress if goat was the only cheese, she said yes. The thing that arrived was a mess w/ poor quality mozerella melted over a few dregs of unrecognizable veggies and topped w/ raw cauliflower bits and cubes of appalling brown things...i'll take their word it was beef. It's been many years since I sent a dish back just because it was repulsive, but I would have if the waitress had asked me how it was. No, the food was brought out by a guy who didn't speak enough English for me to explain that they brought the wrong salad dressing, nor that we didn't expect both courses to be plopped on the table at once.

                Arrgh. And the bad thing is, it was such a nice setting, I'd probably go back someday, but I would order only salad and wine. I guess that's how they stay so successful (it was packed).

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                1. re: danna

                  Glad to be reading this thread --- we're going to Highlands later in the summer. Any more recent thoughts on the area would certainly be appreciated! Thanks!

                  1. re: Tehama

                    If you get down the mountain to Franklin, Caffe REL is a good choice. Traditional French and Italian type choices plus good sandwiches and excellent specials; also known for their crab bisque. Owner/chef was trained at the Greenbrier. If the pork osso bucco is on special order it. Quirky location behind the Hot Spot gas station. No credit cards.

                    1. re: johnb

                      Cafe Rel is great and there is a new place in Cashiers called Rendezvous that is excellent as well.

                      1. re: miss piggy

                        Could you flesh out that info on Rendezvous? I'm unable to locate any info about it. Thanks.

                        1. re: johnb

                          Sure,'s on US 64, close to the little farmers market I recall (on the other side of the street). The folks that own(ed)? Cornucopia own this place. I say owned because even though Cornucopia is still there I think they changed hands. And now those people own Rendezvous. I couldn't find them online either but trust me, it's a nice little spot! Lunch menu had lots of soup, salad, sandwich options - extensive menu, everything we tried was delicious. Didn't look at dinner menu.

                          Will also throw in a rec for Wild Thymes in Highlands - I think they've moved recently too? Always love their warm veggie sandwich and salmon BLT.

                          1. re: miss piggy

                            Rats...I wish we'd eaten at REndezvous instead...i saw it was opened on the way through Cashiers. The reason you guys can't find them is that the name is spelled in some "clever" way. Phonetically, you know, it took me a while to figure out what they were doing.

                            1. re: danna

                              Found Randevu in Cashiers, but no website or FB. Good reviews on TripAdvisor.

                    2. re: Tehama

                      Thanks everyone for the updated info. We really appreciate it! Not sure which weekend we're going yet, but will be sure to report back when we do. Thanks!