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Oct 26, 2010 11:20 AM

Buying Brisket for TX BBQ

Where, pray tell, can I get a good brisket for the BBQ in NoVA? Cool/cold weather does not deter me from firing up my smoker. As any true BBQnatic can tell you, a brisket should have a nice fat "cap" on the top to keep it moist during the long, slow smoking process. But every store I've been to, from Whole Foods to Wegmans, only gets in briskets that are already trimmed of all the fat. It's frustrating.

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  1. el grande in springfield always have a bunch that are untrimmed and have the flat and point intact.

    1. Have you tried a Bestway market?

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        I second this recommendation - You may also try Eastern Market, but you may have to special order so it isn't trimmed to look good in the display case.

        1. re: tommyskitchen

          Third Bestway. They're usually a few cents cheaper per pound than El Grande.

      2. You may also want to try Let's Meat On the Avenue in Del Ray. I've bought brisket from them a few times before and I don't recall them ever being trimmed.


          This is an older post looking for the same thing!!!

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              I bought it from Wegmans to make Ina Garten's chili recipe.